Are you ready to embrace your most vibrant, authentic, soul-full life?

Phoenix, you aren't alone. Join me (Amanda), my brave staff creators, and dozens of inspiring guest contributors in the boldly colorful pages of The Phoenix Soul digital magazine.

In 2016, we celebrated the collective rising of our phoenix souls (tough and tender; vulnerable and strong). We called forth our true selves in both deep ache and wild joy. We dared to ask: how will we live? How will we love?  

The Phoenix Soul is the best thing for my heart and soul. Your magazine always seems to hold the wisdom I need. It’s like a beautiful, vibrant hug for my soul. It lets me know I am not alone.
— Jeanne Chown

What you get in this discount bundle:

  • instant access to 6 downloadable digital issues of ad-free inspiration, covering a wide range of timeless soul-sparking themes (that's 360 full-color pages!)
  • kindred connection with fellow phoenix souls: your trusted tribe of truth-speakers, love-believers, heart-on-our-sleevers
  • a massive collection of heart-and-soul healing, forever at your fingertips right when you need it: encouragement, comfort, uplift, creative inspiration, and wisdom
  • companionship and support in choosing a life of intention, depth, meaning, passion, and purpose 
Each page feels like a love letter.
— Jenna Whittaker

The Phoenix Soul is a fiercely indie digital publication
dedicated to your tender truths.

Thank you for this beauty and truth and space and life, that anchors my soul and opens the door to dream with every issue. So beyond grateful.
— Robin Oosterwind

What you get in every issue:

  • 60 vibrant pages of hope & healing in PDF instant download
  • hand-crafted mixed media backgrounds in full color

  • handwritten love notes from creator Amanda

  • intimate interviews (including feature Truth Tribe interviews with creatives such as Jennifer Albin, Stephanie Gagos, Samie Harding, Kyeli Smith, and more)

  • gaspworthy poetry, revealing essays, inspiring creative prompts, thoughtful flash fiction, evocative artwork

  • interactive features with phoenix kindred (spotlighting our Facebook & Instagram community)

  • soul-centered themes, seeking beauty & blessing in our everyday lives (even/especially among our bumps & bruises)

Read full descriptions of each issue in the 2016 bundle:

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