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My season of 21 Secrets has now retired (see details below). But guess what? My workshop, KEEP TRUE: The Compass of You, will be releasing as a stand-alone option soon. Check back here for updates. In the meantime, check out a video trailer for Keep True and read more about 21 Secrets below.  

Friends, I am so excited to reveal my big SECRET MISSION: I'm teaching in 21 Secrets!

As many of you know, Connie Solera's beloved creation has become a staple in the art journaling community, encouraging both newbies and long-time journalers alike. When you join 21 Secrets, you don't just get a heap of inspiring lessons--you also get access to one of the most vibrant, warm, kind communities that exists for creativity-loving people.

Imagine pulling out your art journal and having 21 talented artists there beside you eager to share their art journaling techniques, approaches, and wisdom with you! That’s what 21 Secrets is all about.
— Connie Solera, Dirty Footprints Studio

21 Secrets ::

created by Connie Solera in 2010 (the first online collaborative art journaling workshop of its kind), serving 5000+ artists since

Join us! Details below.

// my workshop //

Keep True: The Compass of You

What if your art journal could become a sacred space, a sanctuary where you spill your heart-­howls and joy-­songs?

What if every page served as guidebook to your most fulfilled, passionate, vibrant life?

In Keep True, we’ll develop and deepen an intimate practice, using intuitive collage to align with personal truth.

We’ll explore soul-­stirring prompts designed to honor our unique life­-journeys. Most importantly, we’ll discover the art of keeping true to ourselves, even/especially when we are feeling vulnerable, anxious, or uncertain. At the end of this workshop, your art journal will be a compass for everyday life: a sacred practice and process that helps you Keep True.

21 Secrets: Fall 2015 released as a huge ebook on September 28th (over 150 pages with 25+ hours of video, full-color photos, templates, & more). All lessons are available now and are self-paced, so you can join in any time.

* affiliate disclaimer: if you purchase 21 Secrets via my link, I'll get a percentage of the sale. Yay! Thanks for supporting me and all of the hard-working artists involved with 21 Secrets. I only endorse products I wholeheartedly support.

Friends, if you're already part of our community at The Phoenix Soul, you know how much I love art journaling. Creative expression has saved me countless times, helping me process and find clarity through times of grief, anxiety, and confusion. And, of course, boost joy in the happy times! I always include peeks into my art journal in our magazine pages. 

Here's your chance to come closer--to see video of me creating, and to explore the trademark kind of soul-stirring prompts that we already know and love in The Phoenix Soul.

I hope you join us! I'm so proud to be part of this session. Will I see you there, friend?

with much love,

FRee :: join Connie & Amanda for an honest, vulnerable, tender audio interview.

"I know how hard it is to feel like you're not enough. Vulnerability, now, it's kind of my specialty. I try to tell the truth, even when it's something I'm tempted to hide. Because living authentically has become the most important thing to me.

". . . Shame is a liar. Shame would have us believe that who we are isn't good enough, and that we need to fit in to matter . . ." -Amanda Fall