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Current issue: Sacred Voice

We are reader-supported and AD FREE. Each 60-page issue is dedicated to supporting your most vibrant, authentic, soul-full existence. 


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The Phoenix Soul is your forever flock.
Your sanctuary of tender truth.
Your co-conspirator in wild joy.
Your lantern in the dark.

In the heartpounding pages of our digital magazine and in our vibrant online sanctuary, we welcome you exactly as you are--in all your untamed glory.

We support and celebrate your true self, the one you've been taught to hide.

Here, we honor our whole story: our gutwrenching grief, our wild and startling joy, our ache and our song.

We speak love into hidden hurts. We rise from the ashes of shame, regret, doubt, and fear: we choose to emerge, to be reborn, to live and breathe our daily transformation--the holy howl of yes. We protect the divine spark smoldering at our core. We embrace the wilderness of our hearts. We live with intention, compassion, vulnerability, and brave truth.

The Phoenix Soul is the best thing for my heart and soul. [. . .] It lets me know I am not alone.
— Jeanne Chown

We are grit, grace, and every gasp between.

I love being part of such a beautiful, raw, open-hearted community!
— @whimsymoonspirit on Instagram

vibrant art. intimate interviews. gaspworthy poetry. mixed media pages. handwritten love notes. revealing essays. soul-stirring prompts.

I’m finally sitting down and reading the Rhythm edition of The Phoenix Soul on this quiet Sunday morning as music from the wind chime plays in the background. I stop to sip my cuppa, close my eyes, take a deep breath as the words sink into my exhausted mind. I find tears escaping down my cheeks as I realize that I’m not alone. I’m not the only one whose heart aches and whose body cries for healing. There is so much hope and wisdom and truth and vulnerability in these pages. If you aren’t subscribed . . . may I suggest you wait no longer?
— @motleyturtlearts on Instagram

Every moment is a choice. Every breath is possibility. How will we live? How will we love?

join our soul-family.

Step into the circle. Every digital issue of The Phoenix Soul is dedicated to your tender truths. Your daily rebirth. Your radiant phoenix soul.

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2018 issues:
January 15: Brave First Steps. April 15: Wholehearted Living.
July 15:
Passionate Purpose. October 15: Sacred Voice.

2017 issues:
January 15: Vibrant Life. June 1: Wild Joy.
August 15:
Messy Grace. November 15: Inner Truth.

2016 issues (order bundle):
Reborn. Unique. Radiant. Brave. Sage. Beloved.

The Phoenix Soul is a refuge for so many of us in this crazy world.
— Laurie Blackwell
I’ve sobbed big, fat tears, and held my breath, and hoped anew, and exhaled gratitude.
— Robin Oesterwind
What a heap of healing in those sacred pages.
— Jennifer Richardson

the Phoenix Soul is far from just words on a screen--
it's an invitation to love your life now, in all its messy glory.
Hope and healing? They're right here. Right now.

we gather around each other and pull the quilts close. we become the glimmering candelight for one another, witnessing each other’s lives and reflecting back the truth of it all. we’ll never see it all or understand it all, yet there’s magic happening in the midst. you are known. you are loved. you are seen. you are welcome.
— suzanne l. vinson, Witness issue