I hear you // The Phoenix Soul: Sacred Voice

Sweet fiery soul, I hear you.

I hear you in your weary-heart tenderness.

Your raging never-agains.

Your long-buried secrets coming to light.

I hear you in your held-breath hurts and your won’t-give-up healing.

You are seen here.
Heard. Believed.
Trusted. Loved. Supported.


Dear kindred, it’s new release day here at The Phoenix Soul! The theme of our new issue of our digital magazine feels more necessary than ever (though I scheduled it long before current events ramped up): Sacred Voice.

Our collective voice is crying out. We will be heard. We believe, at last, our voice is sacred…even when much of the world tells us the opposite. Our stories matter. WE matter.

You are valued here, phoenix soul, and you aren’t alone. Whether you’re lifting your voice in public realms or you’re crying out in the secret chambers of your own heart and home, YOU MATTER and you are so needed. We want to journey with you. We want to lift our lanterns together. We want to travel through the shadows arm-in-arm, lighting up the night together. Together, we are fierce. We are gentle power. We are love.

Join us for 60 boldly colored, ad-free pages (PDF) of art, poetry, essays, interviews, photography, creative prompts, and more. We companion one another. We stoke the fire. We tend our wild phoenix souls.

Read more details about Sacred Voice and join us here.

You are so welcome here, phoenix.

with deep love & appreciation,
creator, editor, publisher

soul-spark // The Phoenix Soul: Passionate Purpose

You don't have to run yourself ragged.

You don't have to prove your worth through busyness or "success" on anyone else's terms (love, you are already more than enough, as you are).

You don't even have to make any big, bold, dramatic life changes--unless that's where you're called.

You can (re)discover your own passionate purpose in life . . . right in the here and now, right in the thick of your days (whether they're soft and slow and full of curious exploration, or they're frantic and overflowing with must-do's, or they're aching with any kind of limitation, or they're already joyfull and fulfilling).

See, your soul-calling is YOURS.

Nobody else's.

We all have a part in lighting up our weary and sometimes dark world. Answering the fiery call of our own wild phoenix souls? That's where change begins. Being our full-bodied, unapologetic, wild-souled selves--that's how we heal our hurts, and we heal the world. Inner revelation can't help but lead to outer revolution.

Your soul-spark is waiting for you, patiently. Sometimes she needs only a gasp of awareness and devotion to ignite. Sometimes she requires deeper soul-tending--a gentle yet fierce clearing away of all that smothers, and gathering fuel to feed the flame. Either way, your soul-spark is just that--YOURS.

You aren't alone in your soul-search, phoenix. Our new release of The Phoenix Soul digital magazine is a powerful, vulnerable, intimate exploration into passionate purpose. Through 60 vivid, ad-free pages of art, poetry, essays, interviews, photography, creative prompts, and more, we companion one another. We stoke the fire. We tend our wild phoenix souls.

Just a few hints at what goodness waits within these pages:

  • Soul Rise Stories interview with A'Driane Nieves, talking about her new creative artspace for women of color in Philadelphia, mental health, making space as an artist mama, and more
  • The 100 Day Project: Nasty Women with Veronica Funk (100 portraits; what she's learned and how she felt every day during her challenge)
  • urban gardening with Shawnta Shicole Barnes and her twin sons; her surprising article for the #MeToo movement
  • gratitude practice and Nixies with Nolwenn Petitbois
  • much, much more
Does the sky call you?
Do the birds hum your song?
Let the wild
find you, get
under your skin, begin
to stir you,
whir you
toward something
— De Jackson, excerpt from "Pull," TPS: Passionate Purpose

Let's tend our soul-sparks, phoenix . . .
(re)find our unique paths . . .
and light.them.UP!

love & awe,
your fellow phoenix soul

the fire in her & Platicast

I see us breaking open.

I see us finally waking to the -isms and -phobias that we have allowed and perpetuated.


I see us smashing barriers and unlocking cages.

I see us speaking truth even as our voices tremble.

I see us letting arrows of love pierce our armor.

I see us breaking open, open, open.

I see us grieving and raging and making change.

I see us clinging to one another.

I see us rising.

  found poetry by @thephoenixsoul

found poetry by @thephoenixsoul


I see our phoenix rebirth,
happening right here.
Right now.
I see us.

Don’t stop now.


Phoenix souls, staff contributor Melissa Fernandez has launched a fiery new podcast with her friend Martha Aguilar. Platicast is for Xicanx & POC, talking about identity, community, & much more. Check it out!

I listened this morning while Maverick slept on my arm--and though Platicast is not "for" me (hello, white girl), I'm listening and learning. Episode 1 opened my eyes to how my own struggles with identity/fitting into boxes/worrying about judgment are coming from a place of privilege. Whoa. Of course. If you're white like me and also striving to check your biases and privilege, and willing to listen with respect (without taking up space in THEIR safe place), then join me in listening to Platicast.

with love,
your fellow phoenix soul