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The Phoenix Soul honors our vulnerable truths.
Our daily transformation and rebirth.
Our grit, grace, and every gasp between.

We are tough and tender. Raw and real. We are truth-speakers, love-believers, and heart-on-our-sleevers. We are phoenix.

submit your heartfelt offerings for an opportunity to join the movement. See below for 2019 themes.

 Amanda Fall: creator, editor, & publisher
Every page is like a love letter.
— Jenna Whittaker
The Phoenix Soul is a refuge for so many of us in this crazy world.
— Laurie Blackwell

We are positive media, spilling over with art and heart.

We celebrate simple joy in our everyday lives. We seek beauty and blessing even among our bumps and bruises. We are honest, vulnerable, and strong (even when we feel like we're falling apart). We believe telling our tender truths saves our lives.

Ready to join The Phoenix Soul's mission of hope and healing? Artists, writers, and creatives of all kinds are welcome here. You can submit work directly for publication in our pages, and/or gather with our expanded online community (your Instagram captures and Facebook conversation can be enjoyed by fellow phoenix souls, and possibly selected for publication in an upcoming issue). See details below.

Join The Phoenix Soul's extended community
for possible publication

Join us for #thephoenixsoul captures (celebrating simple joys, beauty in your everyday life, hints of hope among hurt, soulful selfies, and anything that sparks your spirit). We are also looking for peeks into your creative play and process (such as art journaling). When it comes time for a new issue, I'll pull a few images for inclusion. These contributions will be marked with your Instagram handle as your byline. You'll be notified after the issue releases via The Phoenix Soul's Instagram feed.

Keep an eye, also, on our Facebook page for opportunities to be quoted. If I quote you from Facebook, I'll credit the words with your Facebook profile name, and will mention you on Facebook after the issue releases.

Submit directly for possible publication
in The Phoenix Soul's digital pages

Contributors who send full submissions (art, poetry, essays, short stories, and other possibilities) work in closer contact with me, as opposed to the more casual connection through our Instagram and Facebook opportunities. You become part of our team for that month, receiving behind-the-scenes emails with proofs and publication details (and opportunities to join in additional features).

If your work is chosen for publication, you'll receive a complimentary copy of that issue, and your layout will include a full bio (50 words or less, with live links) and headshot. Your name will be included in promotions. (Publication of #thephoenixsoul images and Facebook quotes do not come with bio, headshot, or copy.)

Each issue is based on a theme designed to honor our daily rebirth; our vulnerable truths; our grit and grace.

Space fills quickly. Please submit complete piece or pitch idea for any of the issues listed as early as possible. For best results, read at least one issue of The Phoenix Soul to understand our mission and style.

2019 themes:

  • Wild Creativity
    deadline October 15, 2018
    releasing January 15, 2019

  • Gentle Power
    deadline January 15, 2019
    releasing April 15, 2019

  • Deep Connection
    deadline April 15, 2019
    releasing July 15, 2019

  • Tender Truth
    deadline July 15, 2019
    releasing October 15, 2019

(ALL THEMES) What helps or hinders you in expressing this aspect of your phoenix soul? When/where have you felt most in alignment with this concept? How can you bring it into your daily existence? What's the shadow side?

Call for submissions: "I am the Phoenix Soul"

You may include an optional additional image to companion your piece (such as artwork or a favorite Instagram).

We want your phoenix story! This feature, "I am The Phoenix Soul," honors our moments of phoenix rebirth, small & large. In 250 words or less, tell us why you are a phoenix soul.

Possible prompts:

  • I am a phoenix soul because . . .

  • I most needed transformation when . . .

  • I experienced healing, rebirth, change, transition, growth, becoming . . .

  • I wish I had known how brave I was . . .

  • I'm sending a love letter to my phoenix soul . . .

  • I need a phoenix rebirth now because . . .

If your work is chosen for publication, you'll receive a complimentary copy of that issue, and your layout will include a full bio (50 words or less, with live links) and headshot. Your name will also be included in promotions.


How to submit:

  • Email Amanda Fall, The Phoenix Soul's creator and editor, with pitch or completed piece (subject line: mention your THEME): or use form below

  • PROSE maximum word count: 750 (shorter has a higher rate of acceptance)

  • Include a third-person bio (50 words or fewer; incorporate any links you wish)

  • A headshot will also be required if you are selected for publication, so have one handy or go ahead and send along

  • Your work may be attached (Word document or Google docs preferred for text-based submission) or pasted into the email body (form below requires pasting into the body; email with attachment if you are concerned about losing formatting)

  • Response times vary depending on volume of submissions; thanks for your patience!

  • Keep in mind: I hold preference for pieces that reflect the spirit of The Phoenix Soul: vulnerable; personal; tender; never shying away from struggle, but generally including hints of hope and healing among the hurt

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