We are raw & real. Tough & tender. Scared & sacred.
We are grit, grace, & every gasp between.
We are The Phoenix Soul.

We rise from the ashes of shame, regret, doubt, and fear. We choose to emerge. To be reborn with every breath. To embrace our daily transformation with the holy howl of yes.

We protect the divine spark smoldering at our core.
We embrace the wilderness of our hearts.

We believe we are brave, even/especially when we are falling apart. We seek the sacred in our everyday, peering closer when daily dust obscures our vision. We honor vulnerable truth because it saves our sanity. We practice determined gratitude, even when we must grit our teeth. We insist on joy (because surely it is our holy birthright).

You are braver than you know (even/especially when you are falling apart).

You are braver than you know (even/especially when you are falling apart).

Hello, kindred. I'm Amanda Fall: creator, editor, & chief gatherer of good.

Hello, kindred. I'm Amanda Fall: creator, editor, & chief gatherer of good.

I believe in the power of love notes. Gentle reminders:  you are, I am, we are loved.

I believe in the power of love notes. Gentle reminders: you are, I am, we are loved.

The Phoenix Soul, an indie digital publication (one woman + her colorful mess of a desk), releases every 15th.

In these wildly vibrant pages and in our broader community of kindred, we choose to honor our most tender truths. 

We fear not our own undoing (how else will we be free?).
We speak love into hidden hurts. We rise.

We hold gentle, safe, sacred space for you + me + we.

We are phoenix.

Fear not your (un)known or the unknowing of all you once held dear: eureka waits here, in the stillness beneath fear’s flutter, in your willingness to light a candle & face your dark.
— Amanda Fall, Discover (issue 35)

vibrant art. intimate interviews. gaspworthy poetry.
hand-painted pages. handwritten love notes.
revealing essays. soul-stirring prompts.

{ formerly known as Sprout online magazine }

Each issue offers:

  • 60 vibrant pages of art + heart (on hand-painted backgrounds) in PDF instant download

  • handwritten love notes from me to you

  • intimate interviews (including feature Truth Tribe interviews with creatives such as Melody Ross, Christine Mason Miller, Robert Lee Brewer, & many more)

  • gaspworthy poetry, revealing essays, inspiring creative prompts, thoughtful flash fiction, evocative artwork

  • interactive features with phoenix kindred (pulled from our Facebook & Instagram community)

  • a soul-centered theme, seeking beauty & blessing in our everyday lives (even/especially among our bumps & bruises)

[Phoenix] sings to me, to my heart, to my soul. Pages of color, artfully and soulfully designed. A wonderful source of inspiration and mirror of truth.
— Maya Zaido

I'm Amanda Fall: creator, editor, and publisher of the Phoenix Soul. I am chief gatherer of good. Sacred-seeker. Joy-finder. Heart-on-her-sleever.

My mission:

Speak love into hidden hurts.

Find the intersection of Spirit and self, where healing waits.

Connect and commune with kindred, in that startling space where we are so alike, despite any surface differences.

And let love, love, love be my anthem.

Click here to learn more about me.

The Phoenix Soul has featured countless soulful creatives, including:

Thrive feature interviewees:

rachel awes; Liz Lamoreux; Vivienne McMaster; Lacy Clark Ellman (A Sacred Journey); Donni Webber (The Magic Onions); Hali Karla; erica simpson; Andrea Schroeder; Robert Lee Brewer; Melody Ross; Christine Mason Miller; Mandy Steward & Teresa Robinson (joint interview); Christa Gallopoulos; Liv Lane; Rachelle Mee-Chapman; Brandy Walker; Violette Clark; Wendy Brightbill; Katie Clemons; many more

Artists, writers, teachers, chefs, musicians, etc.:

Ronna Detrick; Catina Jane Gray; Mary Wangerin; Jodi Bond; Carissa Paige; Samantha Kira Harding; Aimee Dolich; Kelly Barton; Leah Cherry; Heather Plett; Samantha Reynolds; Flora Bowley; Amanda Oaks; Jenn Gibson; Hannah Marcotti; Tara Mohr; Tanya Geisler; George H. Northrup; Beryl Young; Jodi Chapman; Mary Freeman; Lisa Sonora Beam; Deb Taylor; Kolleen Harrison; Art Heifetz; Lisa Wilson; many more

{ some of these creatives appeared in our magazine's former identity, Sprout online magazine }

Meet our regular contributors:

Left to right, top to bottom:

Maureen Helms Blake (Bitter & Beautiful column; proofreader) 

De Jackson (poetry)

Julia Fehrenbacher (poetry)

suzanne l. vinson (essays, artwork, photography)

Beth Morey (poetry, essays, artwork, photography)


Former regular contributors:

Marcie Scudder (photography, essays)

Bo Mackison (photography, essays)

michelle gd (photography, poetry)

Natasha Reilly (creativity coach, Tasha's Greenhouse column in Sprout online magazine)

Welcome, kindred.

The Phoenix Soul is ad-free and reader-supported, proudly celebrating the indie spirit. We are dedicated to our mission of hope, healing, and kinship in everyday life. And you? You are the reason. Thank you for rising with us.

Special note:

We are cracking open. We are rising. We are becoming.

In 2015, Sprout online magazine will be reborn as The Phoenix Soul.

In honor of our raw & real, this transition is happening live. Right before your eyes (and mine!). Our website will be changing over the coming weeks to reflect this rebirth. Our magazine and mission remain the same at their core, but will shine with fresh purpose and identity: to honor our vulnerable truths. We are grit and grace. We are scared and sacred. We are tough and tender. We are phoenix.