Guest photographer: Fabrice Poussin

What vibrant delights
surround you right now,
waiting for your attention?

What happens
when you examine your life
with curiosity and playfulness?

Fabrice Poussin joins us today as guest photographer, transforming seemingly ordinary objects into magic with his lens.

Let's continue our exploration of VIBRANT LIFE!

Image by Fabrice Poussin

Image by Fabrice Poussin

by Fabrice Poussin

Image by Fabrice Poussin

Image by Fabrice Poussin

"Might BE Galaxies"
by Fabrice Poussin

Image by Fabrice Poussin

Image by Fabrice Poussin

"Art Preserved"
by Fabrice Poussin

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University, Rome, Georgia. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and more than two dozens of other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review, and more than ninety other publications. 

creative awakening // Truth Tribe interview: Anab Roa

Anab Roa once longed to live a more creative and meaningful life.

Now she's realized that it's never too late to be who she wants to be. She's designing the vibrant reality she always dreamed, one small step at a time.

Anab is a freelance landscape architect in the Philippines by day. By night, though, she is a painter of bold, colorful mixed media artwork that's both whimsical and full of passion. Her #15MinutePractice and #15MinutesFaces are beloved on Instagram, proving that we don't need infinite amounts of time to express our creative voices.

Although Anab loves her day job, she felt restless and unfulfilled before discovering her creative practice. Something was missing. After three years working in the corporate world, "the desire for something more grew louder."

Anab and I have long been Instagram buddies, but I never knew much about her creative journey.

I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation to join our Truth Tribe interview series, so I could learn more about her and share her story with you. Her colorful artwork and joyful spirit are a perfect match for our Vibrant Life issue.

Anab and I chatted about how she discovered her passion for art-making, why her daily creative practice is important to her, how she takes extra good care of her sensitive soul, her guiding words for 2017, and more.

image by Anab Roa

image by Anab Roa

One of my favorite revelations from Anab's interview is that she believes "we are all born creative makers."

We may not always recognize that, though, if we are not "raised in an environment that encourages and/or is conducive to 'making things.'" But Anab says even if we are not, this feeling "will not completely leave you: for we are creativity itself; for we are maker itself."

The key, then, is learning to listen to our true selves:

The challenge is, will we ever have, find, or give time to listen to our still, small voice, our inner wise-self . . . I did, after all those years of trying, stopping, and failing; after all those years of ignoring, sabotaging, and not paying attention.
— Anab Roa, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Vibrant Life

Anab finally listened to her inner wise-self:

. . . I finally gave myself permission to feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and troubled; knowing that it is okay to want and to desire things; knowing that it is okay to be not as good as them; knowing that comparison is the killer of joy. I did discover that passion is for reals. That I have it and you have it in you. I did discover my passion for art-making the day I started making things again . . . and again . . . and again.
— Anab Roa, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Vibrant Life
artwork by Anab Roa

artwork by Anab Roa

Creative expression is key to living our most vibrant lives, even if our practice occupies only a few moments of each day. This is a chance for your true self to whisper, shout, sing out. To let go of whatever is numbing and dulling your vibrancy. To shine up that radiant soul of yours!

Keep living. Keep asking. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. Keep believing. You are not alone on your journey. No matter how quiet it may seem. No matter how much you feel unseen. No matter how lonesome it can be. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.
— Anab Roa, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Vibrant Life

Phoenix soul, it's never too late.
Begin your creative awakening today.

with love & awe,
your fellow phoenix

The Phoenix Soul: Vibrant Life is vitamin C for your soul! Come juice up your life with us. You are so welcome here.

the awakened ones // The Phoenix Soul: VIBRANT LIFE

The world needs us: the awakened ones.

As we emerge from a year many would call complicated (at times heartbreaking, confusing, filled with loss and conflict on a national and global scale), we have a glorious opportunity: to rise, with gentle power.

To choose, moment by moment, to wake.

To let our hearts and souls crack wide open in both ache and joy.

To live with intention, compassion, kindness, purpose, depth (even/especially when we are tempted to numb out, to turn away, to hide our tender hearts in fear and weariness*).

*Dear one, of course you must make space
to care for that tender heart of yours,
and there may be times when you MUST turn away
in order to save yourself.
But there also comes a time to rise.
To trust the power in your gut, your soul, the trueness of you. 

The world needs us. We need us.

This is the time to wake. To rise. To connect deeply with the richness of our lives, right here and now (even/especially when they are a mess).

Inner revelation leads to outer revolution.

Vibrant life hides closer than we think, in returning to THIS moment, wherever and however we are, and being fully present. Awake. Alive. Allowing/inviting/embracing it all, searching our souls deep and wide and paying the most gentle attention to whatever is dulling our existence.

Then, with courage, we can begin to shed those limiting ways, and our present will align more closely with our deepest truth. And our own healing, our own most vibrant living, will ripple outward into world-healing. Because when we let our phoenix light shine pure and true, we can't help but light up everything around us.

Friends, I'm so proud today to release our new magazine issue, Vibrant Life. These pages are bright, bold, wildly colorful, and spilling over with tenderhearted truth.

Our 15 contributors (including me) cover a rich range of experience, from moments when vibrant life felt impossibly out of reach, to moments of healing and awakened joy. These sixty digital pages (art, poetry, essays, prompts, interviews, a coloring page, and more) are like vitamin C for the soul.

It really is possible to invite our most vibrant life to meet us right where we are. Forget resolutions and tap straight into your lifeblood, just as you are, in all your wild glory. 

Will you join, phoenix soul?

with deep love & respect,
(your fellow phoenix;
creator, editor, publisher,
& chief gatherer of good at TPS)