the ache of loving: Throwback Thursday

Lately, worry and concern for several of my beloveds has weighed heavily on me, pressing my neck into my shoulders, keeping my eyes low and unseeing. I shared these words on Instagram yesterday:

"Small steps. Deep breaths. Some days the ache of loving weighs heavier than others. But how could we choose another way? We can't care less. We can't forget. When they ache, we ache. So it is. Even when we wish it weren't. But the grace and grit of real, raw kinship will surely see us through."

Today, in effort to release this burden (I know, I know, releasing requires less effort and more allowing) . . . this whisper came: listen to the truth you've already gathered. So much good is already tucked into Sprout magazine's pages, covering a wide range of heart-issues (authenticity, kindness, courage, growth . . .). So, in a new feature here, let's dive into our own version of Throwback Thursday. Sprout offers a rich library of hope and healing. What good can we find today?

In answer to this desire for release, for relief . . . Sprout: Surrender is a gentle guide (released January 2014; our 27th issue).

surrender is the resounding yes in my spirit. it is bravely releasing my white-knuckled grip of control. it is daring to accept and welcome and trust, knowing that even loss or letdown could be preparing me for unimaginable delight, and attracts miracles. surrender is softening; to cease striving. it is living with open hands, withholding nothing . . .
— erica simpson, Thrive interview, Sprout: Surrender

"I always thought letting go
stepping off the precipice
of all I {knew}
and plummeting
into all I {feared}:

my heart
like glass

But what if letting go
face skyward
arms outflung
butterflies tickling stomach
while faith prickles skin?"
--Amanda Fall (that's me!), editorial, Sprout: Surrender

The only request Life offers,
for our own sake,
is Surrender.
We make the rest up—
mostly well-intentioned clever distractions . . .
but I offer to you that you have nothing to prove,
no path to pave, no approval to win.
For in your company, Life is pleased.
In your joy, Life is full-bellied satisfied,
kicked back and dancing . . .
— Hali Karla, "Living Full," poem & intuitive painting, Sprout: Surrender

Ahh . . . yes. Surrendering. Letting go. Finding our resounding yes. Arms outflung. With nothing to prove.

May it be so.

With so much love & respect,

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Sprout online magazine: DISCOVER

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