more than worthy // The Phoenix Soul: BELOVED

Phoenix, do you feel worthy of love--just as you are?

In all your glorious mess?

In both your grit and your grace, your weeping and your singing?

In all the aching ways in which you feel different, Other, or lesser-than?

In all your wild & wonderful uniqueness?

So many of us struggle with feeling not "good enough," often when we compare ourselves to some impossible standard Out There. Whether we are raised to feel that way, or society's pressure weighs heavily on our shoulders, it's easy to feel like we just don't match up.

It's no wonder, then, if our love of others is stunted or dysfunctional. Lasting worthiness must spring from an internal well.

We can't love the world from a strong, sustainable foundation when we don't even know how to love ourselves . . . as we truly are.

When I first scheduled this magazine theme over a year ago, I had no idea what division and pain would be raging in my country right now. Loving one another from a place of truth and compassion feels more essential than ever. We ask: how can we help create the world we crave? What ripple effects are we causing with every thought, word, and action? How are we living? How are we loving?

I'm so grateful for the healing balm of Beloved. In this time of ache, we still choose to rise together. To love and be loved as we are, in all our incredible individuality AND our oneness. To overthrow systems of hatred and exclusion. To create ripples of love in daily living, expanding from our inner worlds to the outer world.

To be love in action.

Phoenix, I offer our magazine and flock as a safe space for you (for me; for we). A place where you know you are cherished, supported, seen, and heard as your true self. We rise together as tenderhearted people who choose love.

I'm rooting for you. Always.

with love & deep respect,

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