earth angels (when I needed them most)

When I offered a blessing on Facebook this morning, I wasn't expecting what came next. How badly I would need this prayer answered in my own life. And how, as my heart ached, earth-angels were already calling my name.

shared at

shared at

When I offer these words of encouragement, prayer, and/or blessing, I always pause and listen deeply first. What might you need in that moment? How can I be a messenger for peace, for hope, for healing?

I try to step out of the way and let Spirit speak through me.

Woo-woo, right? I'm okay with that. Because so often, a reader/viewer will respond, "You said exactly what I needed to hear."

I'm not sure where these messages come from, honestly; perhaps Spirit, perhaps my own heart. Or both. I've stopped asking and started listening. Because we all need more encouragement. Reminders of our worth. Reminders that we are loved. And if I can whisper that love to you, kindred? Well, I am honored to be messenger.

blowing teary-eyed kisses on Instagram, moments after my two earth-angels showed up

blowing teary-eyed kisses on Instagram, moments after my two earth-angels showed up

After sharing this morning's message, I stepped into a day of my own fragility. Playing the comparison game. Falling short. (The comparison game is always rigged. Why do I ever play?) I needed those love-whispers, the very ones I asked to show up in your life. (And I hope they did, or still will. Let me know, won't you?)

I lost myself in a little pity party, complete with questions of self-worth. The very thing I asked on your behalf.

It's okay that I didn't realize this prayer was for me, too . . . because Love will sing and sing louder until we hear. Sometimes the Love-whispers are soft and subtle, if that's all we need. And sometimes they are loud and insistent and persistent.

Right in the middle of my mess, in my doubt and pity? Two earth-angels offered totally unsolicited messages of love and validation . . . the kind of blushworthy praise that zings straight to your heart. The kind that bandages your wounds. The kind that you pray to hear.

I asked for you to know your self-worth. To feel companioned. To know you are loved, exactly as you are.

And I have to laugh, with tears in my eyes, as this very gift returns to me, word for word, love for love.

If your love-whisper hasn't found you yet, dear one, hold on. Open your eyes wider. Listen closer.

May your earth-angels find you, here, now, right in your ache and in your joy.

They found me, and I wasn't even looking. They'll find you, too.

with so much love & gratitude,
(your fellow phoenix)

PS: Extra teary-eyed thanks to my two earth-angels, Leah & Jamie. Now you know how much I needed your words. xoxo

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