the fire in her & Platicast

I see us breaking open.

I see us finally waking to the -isms and -phobias that we have allowed and perpetuated.


I see us smashing barriers and unlocking cages.

I see us speaking truth even as our voices tremble.

I see us letting arrows of love pierce our armor.

I see us breaking open, open, open.

I see us grieving and raging and making change.

I see us clinging to one another.

I see us rising.

  found poetry by @thephoenixsoul

found poetry by @thephoenixsoul


I see our phoenix rebirth,
happening right here.
Right now.
I see us.

Don’t stop now.


Phoenix souls, staff contributor Melissa Fernandez has launched a fiery new podcast with her friend Martha Aguilar. Platicast is for Xicanx & POC, talking about identity, community, & much more. Check it out!

I listened this morning while Maverick slept on my arm--and though Platicast is not "for" me (hello, white girl), I'm listening and learning. Episode 1 opened my eyes to how my own struggles with identity/fitting into boxes/worrying about judgment are coming from a place of privilege. Whoa. Of course. If you're white like me and also striving to check your biases and privilege, and willing to listen with respect (without taking up space in THEIR safe place), then join me in listening to Platicast.

with love,
your fellow phoenix soul