love your body (as is): art journaling video

love your body (as is): art journaling video

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Do you love your body . . . as it is?

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with body image. My weight has fluctuated throughout the years and although it's easy for me to tell YOU that your worth is not determined by your size, your shape, your body . . . whew, it's hard to tell myself sometimes.

I know we are so much more. We are glorious phoenix souls, made strong and beautiful in our continual search for all that is true. We are already (more than) worthy. We are already (more than) valuable, precious, and irreplaceable . . . no matter what shifting shape our bodies may take.

It's our souls that shine.

A few months ago, I shared part of my body acceptance story and my journey toward more active wellbeing in The Phoenix Soul: Radiant. If you've read the issue, you know that I've also been working on a special art project in exploration and celebration of these themes.

I'd received an inspiring Lane Bryant catalog in the mail, focused on their theme of #thisbody (a luscious array of curvy women). Since creativity has always been a force for healing in my life, I decided this catalog was the perfect opportunity for me to dive into body positivity. I altered the catalog in my own messy/colorful style, getting raw and real as I let the images call forth my story.

Throughout this project, I filmed my process. And guess what? Today, I'm delighted to share that video with you for free. It's definitely a vulnerable moment for me, especially since my body-positivity journey is still in progress. But you know how important authentic connection is for me and for The Phoenix Soul. I'd love to spark a conversation and encourage you to take a closer look at your own body image. Creative expression is an exciting and effective way to explore these questions and to write your own affirmations.

I'm so excited (and nervous) to share this video with you!

Psst, be sure to click HD and select the highest available option. And turn your sound up to hear my narration. Thanks, love!

"I was captivated by the images of women in all shapes, sizes, colors. They were beautiful—exactly as they were."

"This would be the perfect way to explore the questions and heartache and joys that were on my mind."

"However you want to approach it, creativity is always a force for healing. A safe space where you can question and explore. There is no wrong way—there is only YOUR way."

"I hope you can begin to see, as I have, that you are beautiful . . . just as you are, in all your messy glory. In all your so-called imperfection. You are a unique phoenix soul, and this world needs you."

Phoenix, I would love to hear your own body image story.

Our free soul-family sanctuary is a tenderhearted, brave space where you can connect with me and your fellow phoenix. You are more than welcome here—exactly as you are.

with love & awe,
TPS creator, editor, publisher

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