"Nectar" by Mercedes Webb-Pullman (guest poet)

We're wrapping up our journey into Wild Joy here at The Phoenix Soul. Today Mercedes Webb-Pullman joins us from New Zealand, illustrating one brilliant example of wild joy spotted in nature. Read on! --Amanda


by Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Tuis swoop around me, tree to tree.

As sunlight strikes their wings

dark feathers catch fire,

flare a wild peacock-colored

jewel in the air -- 

involuntary joy.

Mercedes Webb-Pullman’s poems and stories have appeared in online journals and anthologies, eBooks and in print since 2008. She lives in New Zealand again, after spending 40 years away. She misses the fish and chips of childhood, steam rising from a hole torn in the newspaper wrapping, defining Friday night.

your permission slip // The Phoenix Soul: Messy Grace

your permission slip // The Phoenix Soul: Messy Grace

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