Q&A: Michelle GD (guest poet & photographer)

What would you do? We're continuing to explore inner wisdom and intuition at The Phoenix Soul, in honor of our current magazine issue: SAGE. Today I'm delighted to welcome former staff contributor, Michelle GD, to the blog. Her clear-eyed, contemplative point of view always offers a place of rest and wonder. Enjoy.    -Amanda


by Michelle GD

What would you do
I lean in close
hands resting in lap
my question restless, insistent
what would you do
I listen closely
the words steady, insistent
spoken in a whisper
what would you do.

Do as you do.

The morning’s tea raised to your lips
the garments hung in sunshine from tethered string
the life poem painted upon canvas
what would you do
do as you do
and I nod
of course, of course
do as I do.

And I do.

  Photograph by Michelle GD

Photograph by Michelle GD

Michelle GD is a writer and photographer exploring the connections between the beautiful and the messy bits of life. You can find her at MichelleGD.com.

Michelle invites you to join her November 7-20:

Just Five Things is an online course exploring the playful and powerful act of making lists. Working with prompts, students craft simple lists (just five things per list) three times each day. Just Five Things is an invitation to write; it’s also an invitation to slow down, take note, and celebrate. It’s part play, part soul, all presence.