come back to vibrant life // The Phoenix Soul: REBORN

Love, it's never too late to be true you.
To discover and reclaim what sparks your soul.
To live wholehearted.

This moment (every moment) is pregnant with potential. Unlimited possibility. Fresh life.

Will you choose to come awake, to fully live, to shed the weights that keep your phoenix wings dragging in the dust? Will you embrace all that en-light-ens you, lifts you, sparks your radiant soul?

Will you be reborn--here, now? Again and again?

The Phoenix Soul: REBORN (our triumphant first magazine issue of 2016) is a tenderhearted, joyful guide to your daily rebirth. To choosing, moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath, to live with your whole heart and soul.

This is not about doing more, being more, or struggling to fit the mold. YOU, phoenix, are already braver and more beautiful than you know. REBORN is about aligning more truly with . . . YOU. The true you. Whatever sparks your soul, lights you up. Here. Now. Again and again.

In this radiant issue, we honor exactly where and how we are--even/especially when we feel like a total mess!

As long as we walk this earth (and fly our phoenix sky), we have the gift to choose: How will we live? How will we love? What will we carry? What will we release?

New life awaits but being reborn is not the absence of what we were before. We are a Divine blend of all that we have been, all that we are, and all that we will be.
— Teresa Robinson, Evolutions column, TPS: REBORN

Love, let this moment be the moment. To rest. To revive. To laugh. To cry. To ache. To dream.

Come back to your own vibrant, messy, beautiful life.

You are alive. You are free. You are present in this magic moment, where everything yet can be.

with deep love & respect,