Sprout online magazine: SAVOR

Sprout online magazine: SAVOR

What if every breath counts?

What if we seek what truly satisfies?

What if savoring our messy, complicated, perfectly imperfect existence is the key to an unshakeable peace?

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This is a startling gift: washing up on the shore of your own life, reawakening to the simplest of pleasures.
— Amanda Fall, letter to reader
I don’t want us to sleepwalk through life, to realize what we missed only at a midlife crisis or on our deathbeds. [. . .] I’m not going to take my own life by choosing numbness. I’m choosing, again and again in every moment, to breathe, to live, and to be mindfully aware.
— Lisa Wilson, Thrive interview

What if savoring our lives . . . saves our lives?

guests in this issue:

  • Lisa Wilson (Being Breath), Thrive interview

  • michelle gd, Pamela Smyk Cleary, Carol Hamilton: Community Garden participants

  • regular contributors: michelle gd, Beth Morey, De Jackson, Natasha Reilly, Maureen Helms Blake, suzanne l. vinson, Julia Fehrenbacher

  • additional guests: Pamela Smyk Cleary, Carol Hamilton, John Grey, Jenna Whittaker, Hannah Marshall 

We wrap ourselves in to-do lists, feeling only their unrelenting urgency beating against our ribs. More. More. More. We forget about a far more precious beat pulsing beneath the hustle and bustle . . .
— Jenna Whittaker, "Saying Yes"

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Oh, friend, step into your sanctuary of hope and healing. Let Sprout be your companion, your kindred, your haven of vulnerable truth. We honor you. Come in. Come in.


I'm Amanda Fall: editor, creator, & publisher of Sprout online magazine. I am chief gatherer of good. Sacred-seeker. Joy-finder. Heart-on-her-sleever.

Welcome. May you never feel unloved again. You are seen. You are heard. You are loved . . . just as you are.

we are marked : : grief stories

we are marked : : grief stories

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