find your YES // Truth Tribe interview: Stephanie Gagos

It's never too late to be true you.

Stephanie Gagos, prolific artist and beloved teacher, didn't pick up a paintbrush until age 40. Although she'd long been a writer (including crafting a 364-page memoir), painting healed her "in ways writing couldn't." She says,

For me, painting is a way to know myself more, to understand what is going on inside of me when I am not conscious of it. [...] Each painting is an experience of knowing myself and transmuting a part of me through the Divine.
— Stephanie Gagos, Truth Tribe interview, The Phoenix Soul: REBORN

I've long admired Stephanie's willingness to share her story with authenticity and vulnerability. She brings her fiery spirit and strength to everything she does. What an honor to welcome her to our Truth Tribe interview series (issue: REBORN).

 "Emerging from the Dark," by Stephanie Gagos

"Emerging from the Dark," by Stephanie Gagos

Stephanie is a true phoenix soul, continually shedding old wounds and rising in strength. Through her "soulful vibrant healing art," she brings light to darkness. Stephanie is passionate about empowering women and helping heal childhood wounds, after overcoming physical and sexual trauma in her own past.

Stephanie's own continual rebirth is evident in her e-courses, including Journey of Yes, Healing the Mother Wound, Painting to Heal, and more. I asked what's been most meaningful for her in exploring these important themes. She said,

I will start with Healing the Mother Wound, as healing that primal wound from childhood has been the most difficult and deep. My mother was abusive and I rarely felt love or safety with her and so I learned to believe I was not loveable, not good enough, not worthy. I learned to feel unsafe in the world and in my body.

The reprogramming of those beliefs, owning my anger, grieving the loss of the dream of “Mother,” and finding that parent inside to re-parent the wounded child, were all important parts of the process for me.
— Stephanie Gagos, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: REBORN

Stephanie is vibrant proof that deep pain can be transformed into fierce gold. 

 "Warrior King," by Stephanie Gagos

"Warrior King," by Stephanie Gagos

Although her life has been far from easy, she has never given up. 

In fact, Stephanie is continually testing her own limits, pushing beyond what she once thought possible--including making a dream trip come true, when she toured Italy last summer (despite chronic illness).

I asked Stephanie what encouragement she would offer phoenix souls who feel stuck or held back in their lives. She said,  

Say yes to something, grab on to it for dear life, and create movement in that direction. Movement is what will tell you what is next. You can’t get unstuck by staying in the same place and thinking about getting unstuck. You have to move, and make moves. That can be done in so many ways, physically moving, being creative, speaking a truth you’ve needed to say. Show life that you are IN and life will show up for you. Never give up; your life is of value and your gifts and presence are needed in this world.
— Stephanie Gagos, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: REBORN

Phoenix, what in your life is begging for YES? What small, manageable movement can you take toward your dream today?

What deep pain can you begin to transform into fierce gold?

It's never too late to be true you.
Begin here. Begin now.
You've got this--
and you are never, ever alone.

with love & awe,
your fellow phoenix soul
(creator, editor, & chief gatherer of good)

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