stone by stone: a blessing

stone by stone: a blessing

Oh, dear one,

I know you sometimes carry the world on your aching shoulders.

I know you sometimes feel as if you never do enough . . . or are enough.

I know you sometimes put everyone & everything before yourself . . . thinking this is what it means to love.

Oh, dear one.

May your burden be light today.

May you begin to release your concerns, stone by stone, until you can once again walk unhunched, unclenched, unbent. Head up. Eyes clear. You are, you are, you are  {more than} enough . . . just as you are.

May you remember the love you give so sacrificially comes not from you . . . not really . . . but instead the bottomless well of Love, the energy zinging us all into being, and you are only an amplifier: a messenger: a reverberator of that Love. Relax. Restore. Trust. Let that same Love care for you, lift you, comfort you, replenish you . . . so you can continue to ripple outward, from a place of strength and rest.


With great love & respect
on this day {all days},
your fellow seeker
- Amanda

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