fear not your undoing

Sometimes coming undone is cathartic & absolutely necessary.

This, on a day when I burst into tears at Kmart.

Sometimes it's important to allow our undoing, to honor our tearstained existence . . . and the kindred who catch us when we stumble.

Beloved, your stumble is safe here. We honor each other in the crumbling of our defenses (whether we tried to grasp at our disintegrating façade, desperate to hide . . . or we flung up our hands, shrugged, and cried on your shoulder in surrender).

We honor each other in gentle listening, holding space for the chasm between us that's somehow both infinite (all we don't know; all we can never understand) and infinitesimal (the universal ache we carry; the Love that stitches us back together).

We don’t have answers. We have stories. We can move forward by acknowledging the past. When we are empowered to live our present stories, seeing our precious worth through the muck and pushing through . . . THAT is magic.
— Anna Meade, Thrive interview, Sprout: Gather

You honor me.
I honor you.

with deep gratitude for you, kindred
(& the friend who let me cry on her shoulder today),