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Phoenix, hide no more.

The world needs TRUE you: the one you've been taught to tamp down, censor, and squash in order to fit in. You deserve to be seen, heard, respected, encouraged, supported, and cheered in all your wild wonderful weirdness. Your quirks. Your aches. Your joys. Your hurts. Your healings.

Identity has always been a big question mark for me. Growing up, I felt different, never quite measuring up or fitting in. I used to carry deep shame about my oddities, thinking they made me lesser-than. Now? I understand that our quirks are our superpowers. The very thing we think we should hide? It's what makes us special. It's part of our unique truth.

I'm thrilled to release our March/April issue of The Phoenix Soul. Our theme is UNIQUE, expressed through sixty gloriously colorful pages of brave exploration. We dare to ask: what makes us who we are? What smothering lies and old beliefs have we accepted as truth about our identities? What are the parts of ourselves we've hidden that now need healing and encouragement?

We risk stepping into the light, telling our unique truth even/especially when it's not what anyone expected (including ourselves!). Because that's where our joy waits.

When doubt about my art and about my voice creeps inside my heart, I remind my soul that my path is my own.
— Nolwenn Petitbois, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Unique

Phoenix, your path is your own.
You are the only you.

And when you dare to claim your own truth, your uniqueness, your wild and wonderful individuality? You will discover your best, brightest, most brilliant self.

The best I can bring to a needy world is my truest self.
— Maureen Helms Blake, Bitter & Beautiful column, TPS: Unique

The Phoenix Soul: UNIQUE will have you proudly waving your freak flag! These healing, vulnerable pages overflow with color, art, handwritten love notes, poetry, essays, interviews, creative prompts, and more (all for only $6).

Welcome to your soul-tribe. Your safe space. Your forever flock. Here at The Phoenix Soul? We love you--as is.

Will you dare to celebrate your unique soul today, phoenix?

We'd love to meet your wild & wonderful self in these pages!

with deep respect & awe,
(TPS creator, editor, publisher,
& chief gatherer of good)

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soul sparks :: bits of inspiration to spark your phoenix soul

soul sparks :: bits of inspiration to spark your phoenix soul