the awakened ones // The Phoenix Soul: VIBRANT LIFE

the awakened ones // The Phoenix Soul: VIBRANT LIFE

The world needs us: the awakened ones.

As we emerge from a year many would call complicated (at times heartbreaking, confusing, filled with loss and conflict on a national and global scale), we have a glorious opportunity: to rise, with gentle power.

To choose, moment by moment, to wake.

To let our hearts and souls crack wide open in both ache and joy.

To live with intention, compassion, kindness, purpose, depth (even/especially when we are tempted to numb out, to turn away, to hide our tender hearts in fear and weariness*).

*Dear one, of course you must make space
to care for that tender heart of yours,
and there may be times when you MUST turn away
in order to save yourself.
But there also comes a time to rise.
To trust the power in your gut, your soul, the trueness of you. 

The world needs us. We need us.

This is the time to wake. To rise. To connect deeply with the richness of our lives, right here and now (even/especially when they are a mess).

Inner revelation leads to outer revolution.

Vibrant life hides closer than we think, in returning to THIS moment, wherever and however we are, and being fully present. Awake. Alive. Allowing/inviting/embracing it all, searching our souls deep and wide and paying the most gentle attention to whatever is dulling our existence.

Then, with courage, we can begin to shed those limiting ways, and our present will align more closely with our deepest truth. And our own healing, our own most vibrant living, will ripple outward into world-healing. Because when we let our phoenix light shine pure and true, we can't help but light up everything around us.

Friends, I'm so proud today to release our new magazine issue, Vibrant Life. These pages are bright, bold, wildly colorful, and spilling over with tenderhearted truth.

Our 15 contributors (including me) cover a rich range of experience, from moments when vibrant life felt impossibly out of reach, to moments of healing and awakened joy. These sixty digital pages (art, poetry, essays, prompts, interviews, a coloring page, and more) are like vitamin C for the soul.

It really is possible to invite our most vibrant life to meet us right where we are. Forget resolutions and tap straight into your lifeblood, just as you are, in all your wild glory. 

Will you join, phoenix soul?

with deep love & respect,
(your fellow phoenix;
creator, editor, publisher,
& chief gatherer of good at TPS)

creative awakening // Truth Tribe interview: Anab Roa

creative awakening // Truth Tribe interview: Anab Roa

"Beloved: The Song" by Yashraj Talan (guest author)

"Beloved: The Song" by Yashraj Talan (guest author)