New issue: WITNESS

Step into the circle. Whisper your secrets in our waiting ears. Lean into our ready arms. Trustfall into safe space. We're listening. We're listening.

We honor your {whole} story: your heart howl, your joy sing, your weep wail, your why-me wondering. See. Be seen. Hear. Be heard.

Issue 38 (Witness):

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kindred know. they see us when we’re tired. hurt. dark and depressed. they show up and offer themselves when we need them. sometimes we’re too burnt to see their presence fully, yet their presence reflects the truth of what we need. [. . .] they shine the light and we behold the beauty around us. broken beauty. blessed beauty.
— suzanne l. vinson, "glimmers"
We are each gloriously, messily human. As soon as we realize this and start honoring our own reactions and responses with loving care, the sooner we will be able to see similar in others.
— Maya Zaido, Thrive interview

You are not alone.

guests in this issue:

  • Maya Zaido, Thrive interview

  • Laurel Eshelman, Noorulain Noor, Lori Michelle Hawks: Community Garden participants

  • regular contributors: De Jackson, michelle gd, Maureen Helms Blake, Beth Morey, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, Natasha Reilly

  • additional guests: Judith Norling Carlson, Anuja Ghimire, Carol Hamilton

Bear witness to your life’s abiding truth: the holy heart of you, buried beneath the ache and shuffle of daily dust. Wash yourself in the river of witness, my love, singing your being into the open. Hide no more your hurt, your healings-to-be . . .
— Amanda Fall

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They don’t know it’s sometimes all we can do to get out of bed these two months later, or to speak through the thick coating of grief still on our tongues. They don’t know we are trying, trying, trying to respond with grace, with gratitude, with polite propriety. They are well-meaning, well-intentioned in sympathetic nods . . .
— Amanda Fall, my story, Witness

Oh, kindred, step into your sanctuary of hope and healing. Let us honor you. Your vulnerable truth is safe with us. Come in. Come in.

Issue 38 (Witness):

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I'm Amanda Fall: editor, creator, & publisher of Sprout online magazine (soon to be reborn as The Phoenix Soul). I am chief gatherer of good. Sacred-seeker. Joy-finder. Heart-on-her-sleever.

Welcome. May you never feel unloved again. You are seen. You are heard. You are loved . . . just as you are.