Gratitude is a saving grace.

Whether you're aching or celebrating, taking a few moments to press pause and seek thankfulness clears space for healing. Room to breathe.

Gratitude saves me in times of anxiety, depression, fear, and more (and boosts my joy when all is well). The simple act of taking a deep breath, unclenching my fists, and looking around for one tiny blessing begins a ripple effect. Peace tiptoes in. An awareness of what I call "the holy here" soothes my ragged edges and brings vitality back to my breath.

I've created a printable set of gratitude reminder cards for us, with my handwriting on top of my signature mixed media backgrounds (just like the ones you see in The Phoenix Soul magazine). They're wallet-sized, so easy to tuck in your pocket, tape to your mirror, or tack up by your desk. Please feel free to print and share as often as you like.

May these colorful reminders help us to be present, if only for a moment, and to bring hidden blessings into the open.

For best results, print on cardstock or photo paper. Clip out individual cards to make your own deck or to share with friends.

Click here to download high resolution version.