We are raw & real. Tough & tender. Scared & sacred. We are grit, grace, & every gasp between. We are The Phoenix Soul.

We rise from the ashes of shame, regret, doubt, and fear. We choose to emerge. To be reborn with every breath. To embrace our daily transformation with the holy howl of yes.

We protect the divine spark
smoldering at our core.

We embrace the wilderness of our hearts.

We believe we are brave,
even/especially when we are falling apart.

We seek the sacred in our everyday,
peering closer when daily dust
obscures our vision. 

We honor vulnerable truth
because it saves our sanity.

We practice determined gratitude,
even when we must grit our teeth.

We insist on joy,
because surely it is
our holy birthright.

We are burning down
systems of oppression,
dedicating ourselves
to inclusion & compassion
& celebration of all our true selves-
in all our glorious diversity.

We honor & cherish our apartness
& togetherness:
you + me + we
(with respect
for the infinite & infinitesimal
spaces between),

knowing we are
kindred. Soul family.
Forever flock. 

Together, we rise.

We are claiming our name.
We are letting our fear become our fierce.
We are stepping into our power
(even as our hands shake). We are rising.

We are phoenix.