"The Phoenix Soul sings to me, to my heart, to my soul.
Pages of color, artfully and soulfully designed. A wonderful source of inspiration and mirror of truth." Maya Zaido

"Each page feels like a love letter." Jenna Whittaker

"I adore The Phoenix Soul's beautiful and loving messages." Paulissa Kipp

"A healing, loving magazine
that offers truth and freedom."
Jenny Potter

"WOW! Beautiful and
absolutely what I am needing,
yearning to hear."
Jeanne Chown

"What a heap of healing
in those sacred pages."
Jennifer Richardson

The Phoenix Soul deeply feeds my soul. I savor every issue. Iā€™m a hospital chaplain at a large county hospital working weekends; burnout, job stress, and ongoing health issues have created quite a year for me. The Phoenix Soul reaches my spiritual, emotional, and physical pain in ways that are life-affirming and encouraging. I go back to each issue over and over.
— Leslie Irwin

"I was feeling empty and discouraged. This magazine is just what I needed to nourish my soul. So full of hope and encouragement. It's amazing." Beryl Vainshtein

"Thank you for bringing fellow thinkers and creatives a sense of community and a reminder of everyday beauty." Hannah Marshall

"I'm so happy to find a journal that is positive and caring at a time so many others have turned to dark and ugly areas." Jan Duncan-O'Neal

"It's so easy to be cynical.
[The Phoenix Soul] is an antidote which I need."
Martin Cohen

"Such heart-filled soul work."
Stephanie Durnford

"Read my first issue . . . It was amazing/powerful/delightful, cannot say enough of how it affected me in such a powerful and positive way. Your writing is beautiful and all the others who contribute. Thank you for writing something that is so moving and life-changing." Sarra Enck

"I cannot express how delighted I am with your magazine. I drink it in like nectar. The grace, the peace help make an awful day of work a little easier to bear. It gives a new way to look at everyday things." Madra Allta Ranch

"I NEED this magazine!!"
Stephanie Thomas-Holloway

"Beautiful work and contributions. I'm savoring each page. A little each day warms my heart. It's kind of like a daily meditation. Such positivity and truth. Rock on!" Christine Auda

"Yet another amazing month! Amanda Fall is my kindred spirit. Love her and the beautiful work she continues to share wholeheartedly with the world!" Mika Buell

"I am flying and floating through the pages of Sprout: Surrender . . . so much goodness here! Thank you to ALL of you. A beautiful, uplifting issue!" Deb Taylor

"[The Phoenix Soul] has helped a friend of mine
who is isolated, in part by deafness,
come alive."
Christine Bennett

overheard on Instagram:

@jessicaleighbrogan interview out in this luscious indie art mag today!!! Go check it out and follow Amanda too . . . She's a woman on a mission and her feed feeds my soul!

@amysteinberg This needs to be a GIANT poster and tattooed on my forehead would be good too #inspiration

"Awesome contributors, 60 pages of goodness, hand painted backgrounds, art, photography, poetry, essays, creative prompts and a fantastic artist interview. At only $6 an issue, this magazine is well worth it." Resolute Twig

"I'm so struck, so totally heart-struck by your 'Creativity Story' that I don't even have words. It's absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. It's raining like crazy here, I've got a lit candle, hot tea, your HEART magazine to read . . . life is so very good." Julia Fehrenbacher, Painted Path

" . . . features some super-lovely contributors and I love the theme of the first issue: what would happen if we faced each day with a spirit of celebration?" Liv Lane, Choosing Beauty

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Kindred, did you know us as Sprout online magazine?
We bloomed under this identity
from November 2011 through December 2014.

In January 2015, we embraced our joyful rebirth as
The Phoenix Soul: same magazine at her heart,
now with fresh focus on our vulnerable truths.
Our grit and grace. Our daily renewal and transformation.