Surround yourself with inspiration that sparks your phoenix soul.

Kindred, I've created these free printables for you. Enjoy! (For best results, use a thick card stock or photo paper.)

We are fertile dark and blooming light. We are deep ache and wild joy. We are grit and grace. We are winged and true. We are phoenix.
— Amanda

Presence. Gratitude. Paying attention to the small and big of life, every bite of nourishment, every song of joy, every heartache turning toward healing. This is me, coming back to life.
— Amanda Fall, "My Story," The Phoenix Soul: Vitality

Make way for holy surprise. // Healing waits here, in releasing our tight grasp on what we wish life WOULD BE, and discovering instead the surprising goodness ALREADY at our feet . . .
— Amanda Fall, letter to reader, The Phoenix Soul: Serendipity

Yes, we ache. But we do not stay in that dark forever, though our phoenix souls are often born here. Then we soar up into blazing light: triumphant, free, found. Unleashed. Released. More joyful than ever.
— Amanda Fall, The Phoenix Soul: Catharsis