Amanda Fall: creator, editor, & publisher of The Phoenix Soul. I am chief gatherer of good. Sacred-seeker. Joy-finder. Heart-on-her-sleever.

My mission:

Speak love into hidden hurts.

Find the intersection of Spirit and self, where healing waits.

Connect and commune with kindred, in that startling space where we are so alike.

And let love, love, love be my anthem.

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current staff contributors:


1. Amanda Fall,

Maureen Helms Blake.


2. De Jackson,

Suzanne l. vinson,

Laurie Blackwell.


3. Nolwenn Petitbois,

Melissa Fernandez,

Kyeli Smith.

Maureen Helms Blake
(Bitter & Beautiful column; proofreader)

:: Maureen is a sturdy pioneer no longer content to live crippled by labels like Good, Bad, Success, Failure, Beautiful, Ugly. She chooses instead to embrace The Whole Glorious Mess.

De Jackson

:: De is a parent, a poet, a Pro Crastinator, and above all else, a lover of words. Her muse is a mermaid, and her soul migrates between Lake Tahoe and the ocean (she visits it at least twice a year). She writes just about daily at Whimsy Gizmo.

suzanne l. vinson
(essays, artwork, photography)

:: suzanne is an artist and gatherer who delights in daily living. you'll often find her seated at the table, gathering folks near.
website + etsy + instagram + fb 

Laurie Blackwell
(coloring pages)

:: Laurie is a teacher, an artist, and an aspiring mystic. She migrates between the Arizona desert and the woods of north Idaho. You can find her on Instagram, Etsy, and on her blog.

Nolwenn Petitbois

:: Nolwenn is a Gratitude Warrior. Truth Advocate. Words Collector. Mixed Media Artist. Art Journaler. Story Teller. Lover. Mom of 2. Quirky Weirdo. Spiritual Soul. Visit her website, Etsy, and Instagram.

Melissa Fernandez
(essays, photography)

:: Melissa is an inspiratrice and brave guide. As an artist, she works with messy mixed media pieces and spins words to share her journey as a mystical soul. She naturally moves into curating the magic of daily life to keep the fire going for those who are ready to own their powerful stories and sacred expressions.

Kyeli Smith
(Embody Your Brave column, coming April 2017)

:: Kyeli is a wild mystic mermaid witch, swimming in the depths of the Love. She's a podcaster + writer + poet + photographer + singer. Obsessed with selfies. Queer. Fierce intersectional feminist, working for social justice. Radical self-and-body-love advocate. Geeky gamer girl. Sensitive + strong, fiery + sweet. Always up to shenanigans. Believer in faeries (and in you!).

feature Truth Tribe interviews include:

Stephanie Gagos, Nolwenn Petitbois, Melissa Fernandez, Samantha Kira Harding

Stephanie Gagos, Samantha Kira Harding, Jennifer Albin, Anab Roa


Jen Lemen, Cory Sipper, Carly Mojica, Stephanie Perkinson.
Alisha Sommer, Elloa Atkinson, Heather A. Mattern, Pixie Lighthorse.
Melody Ross, Andrea Schroeder, Josh Solar, Christine Mason Miller.
Maya Zaido, Robert Lee Brewer, Mandy Steward & Teresa Robinson, Liv Lane.
erica simpson, Violette Clark, Jessica Leigh Brogan, Anna Meade.

& many more

{ some of these creatives appeared in our magazine's former identity,
Sprout online magazine }

Former staff contributors:


1. Beth Morey (poetry, essays, artwork, photography)

2. Carissa Paige (Intuitive Voyages; artwork, essays, photography)

3. Julia Fehrenbacher (poetry)

4. Teresa Robinson (Evolutions column; artwork, essays, photography)

5. michelle gd (photography, poetry)

6. Natasha Reilly (creativity coach, Tasha's Greenhouse column in Sprout online magazine)

7. Bo Mackison (photography, essays)

8. Marcie Scudder (photography, essays)

returning guests include:


Kolleen Harrison, rachel awes, Anna Meade;

Jenna Whittaker, Lori Portka, Vivienne McMaster;

Hali Karla, Liz Lamoreux, kelly barton 

& many more