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Every page is like a love letter.
— Jenna Whittaker
Amanda Fall: creator, editor, & publisher

The Phoenix Soul honors our vulnerable truths. Our daily transformation and rebirth. Our grit, grace, & every gasp between.

We are tough & tender. Raw & real. We are truth-speakers, love-believers, & heart-on-our-sleevers. We are phoenix.

We are positive media, spilling over with art and heart.

We celebrate simple joy in our everyday lives. We seek beauty and blessing even among our bumps and bruises. We are honest, compassionate, and strong (even when we feel like we're falling apart). We believe telling our tender truths saves our lives, and that inner revelation leads to outer revolution.

Ready to join The Phoenix Soul's mission of hope and healing? Artists, writers, and creatives of all kinds are welcome here. See below for themes, formats, & guidelines.

Submit for publication on The Phoenix Soul’s collaborative blog:


Possible formats: poetry, essays, flash fiction, art tutorial, art creation/process, finished artwork, photography, creative prose (whatever doesn’t fit the above labels)

Multimedia offerings are welcome (video, audio, imagery, etc.). Your entire contribution can be any of the above, or text + any of the above. If you have video/audio, it must be uploaded to its own service like YouTube or Soundcloud. Possibilities: art tutorials or process videos; art journal flip-throughs; spoken word pieces; video diaries

If chosen, your post will include author profile with headshot, brief bio (around 50 words with live links), and tags linking to any previously published pieces on our blog. You’ll likely be featured on our social media feeds. Your post will have a permanently available and unique link for sharing.

Minor edits may be made for grammar, punctuation, or clarity. Anything substantial will be approved by you before publication.

NOTE: we welcome progressive voices of all kinds; hate-speak will not be tolerated. We believe black lives matter. We welcome BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other traditionally marginalized voices. We believe mental health is equally important as physical and that we should be able to openly talk about our struggles. Spiritual themes are welcome, but need to tend toward progressive/inclusive content. We here at TPS are doing our best to educate ourselves on white supremacy, spiritual bypassing, and other systematic forms of oppression, and we trust that you are doing the same as a content creator. Thank you for sending material that encourages true progress, one step and one individual at a time, as our inner revelation leads to outer revolution. Let’s burn down these walls together! Please send submissions, brave ones.

Suggested themes for submissions:

  • Wild Creativity
    (your creative practice or journey; how creativity heals or helps you; creative prompts or tutorials; peeks into your practice; the innate creativity in us all)

  • Insistent Joy
    (gritted-teeth gratitude; what gets you through; delight in unexpected places)

  • Loved—as is
    (self-love; compassion for & celebration of yourself and others, in all our messy glory; enoughness; knowing you are worthy, just as you are)

  • Revelation/Revolution
    (what inner revelation in you has led to outer revolution? what thoughts/beliefs have evolved? how are you making a difference in the world? what social justice truths are you learning & what actions are you taking?)

  • Deep Connection
    (real talk; diving beneath the surface; making true connections in a seemingly surface world; navigating relationships/friendships in a digital age)

  • Tender Truth
    (tell your unique truth; what have you been tempted to hide about yourself? what is true for you? what does living true to yourself look like?)

  • Ragged & Rising
    (your phoenix moments of rebirth; transforming pain into healing; mental health; starting over; tiny victories)

  • Grief Stories
    (how are you surviving? where are you finding grace? what still aches? what comforts you?)

  • open theme: ideas that fit our mission but aren’t listed here

(ALL THEMES) What helps or hinders you in expressing this aspect of your phoenix soul? When/where have you felt most in alignment with this concept, or when/where have you been OUT of alignment? How can you bring it into your daily existence? What's the shadow side?

The Phoenix Soul is a refuge for so many of us in this crazy world.
— Laurie Blackwell

Special call for artists, writers, musicians, makers:

Nine soulful questions about your creative practice, including: How do you handle fear/doubt/resistance? What sparks your soul? What does your creative practice look like right now? You’ll also submit 3-5 images for publication, representing your work (optional for anyone who doesn’t have images available).

If accepted, your post will include headshot, brief bio (around 50 words with live links), and tags linking to any previously published pieces on our blog. You’ll be featured on our social media feeds. Your post will have a permanently available and unique link for sharing.

Interested? Email me with subject TPS artist profile or use the form at the bottom of this page to request interview questions. Include your Instagram feed link, website, Facebook, or portfolio, etc. where I can view your artwork/images. I’ll be reviewing these profiles on a rolling basis, with no deadlines.

Join The Phoenix Soul's extended community
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Join us on Instagram with #thephoenixsoul (celebrating simple joys, beauty in everyday life, hints of hope, soulful selfies, etc.). We are also looking for creative play and process (such as art journaling). I’ll pull from this pool for blog posts featuring community round-ups. These contributions will be marked with your Instagram handle as your byline. I’ll DM or tag you on Instagram after publishing the blog post. Participating in our community hashtag indicates your permission to publish. Thank you!

Keep an eye, also, on our Facebook page for opportunities to be quoted. If I quote you from Facebook, I'll credit the words with your Facebook profile name.

Call for submissions: "I am the Phoenix Soul"

You may include an optional images to companion your piece (such as artwork or a favorite Instagram).

We want your phoenix story! This feature, "I am The Phoenix Soul," honors our moments of phoenix rebirth, small & large.

Possible prompts:

  • I am a phoenix soul because . . .

  • I most needed transformation when . . .

  • I experienced healing, rebirth, change, transition, growth, becoming . . .

  • I wish I had known how brave I was . . .

  • I'm sending a love letter to my phoenix soul . . .

  • I need a phoenix rebirth now because . . .

Bio and headshot will be published with your piece.

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How to submit:

  • Email Amanda Fall, The Phoenix Soul's creator, editor, and curator, with pitch or completed piece:

  • PROSE maximum word count: 750 (shorter has a higher rate of acceptance)

  • Include a third-person bio (50 words or fewer; incorporate any links you wish)

  • A headshot will also be required if you are selected for publication, so have one handy or go ahead and send along

  • If you wish, include 1-5 images to accompany your piece (rights must belong to you); otherwise, I may select or create images

  • Your work may be attached (Word document or Google docs preferred for text-based submission) or pasted into the email body (form below requires pasting into the body; email with attachment if you are concerned about losing formatting)

  • Response times vary depending on volume of submissions; thanks for your patience!

  • Keep in mind: I hold preference for pieces that reflect the spirit of The Phoenix Soul: vulnerable; personal; tender; never shying away from struggle, but generally including hints of hope and healing among the hurt; socially progressive and inclusive

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