The Phoenix Soul honors your daily transformation. Your vulnerable truth. Your grit and your grace. Your gut-wrenching grief and wild joy.

We are the next generation of gentle power. Warriors of truth and love. We are battle-scarred and laugh-lined. Fierce and fragile. Tough and tender. We are willing to unmask, to demolish our defenses, to let arrows of love pierce our armor. We are people of the phoenix. Soul-family. Forever flock.  


Step into the circle. Whisper your secrets in our waiting ears. Lean into our ready arms. Trustfall into safe space. Oh, kindred, you are alone no more.

The Phoenix Soul magazine is a fiercely indie digital publication, dedicated to your tender truths. Each issue offers:

  • 60 vibrant pages of hope & healing in PDF instant download

  • hand-crafted mixed media backgrounds in full color

  • handwritten love notes from creator Amanda

  • intimate interviews (including feature Soul Rise Stories interviews with creatives such as A'Driane Nieves, Jen Lemen, Pixie Lighthorse, Melody Ross, Christine Mason Miller, Robert Lee Brewer, & many more)

  • gaspworthy poetry, revealing essays, inspiring creative prompts, thoughtful flash fiction, evocative artwork

  • interactive features with phoenix kindred (spotlighting our Facebook & Instagram community)

  • soul-centered themes, seeking beauty & blessing in our everyday lives (even/especially among our bumps & bruises)

we are reader-supported & AD-FREE

What do we mean by indie?

The Phoenix Soul is born via one woman + her colorful mess of a desk: Amanda Fall is creator, editor, publisher, & chief gatherer of good.


She is joined by beloved staff creatives: Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson, Nolwenn Petitbois, Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith, & VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia. Learn more.

The Phoenix Soul also features countless artists, authors, musicians, life and wellness coaches, & many kinds of soul-centered solopreneurs & makers.

The Phoenix Soul is a magical mix of healing balm and gracious permission for transcending the growing pains in life.
— Laurie Blackwell

In these wildly vibrant pages and in our broader community of kindred, we choose to honor our most tender truths. 

We fear not our own undoing (how else will we be free?).
We speak love into hidden hurts. We rise.

We hold gentle, safe, sacred space for you + me + we.

We are phoenix.

[Phoenix] sings to me, to my heart, to my soul. Pages of color, artfully and soulfully designed. A wonderful source of inspiration and mirror of truth.
— Maya Zaido

The Phoenix Soul proudly celebrates the indie spirit. We are dedicated to our mission of hope, healing, and kinship in everyday life. And you? You are the reason. Thank you for rising with us.