we are cracking open : : Sprout online magazine's rebirth

We are cracking open.

We are rising.

We are becoming.

We are shedding, burning, breaking free.

Oh, friend, I am bursting to share with you the epic be-coming that is suddenly crystal clear in my vision. What I will be in the year soon unfurling before us. What Sprout will be. What WE will be, together, side by side across the miles, faces lifted in heartpounding light.

This is a girl becoming.
This is a girl shattering old glass.
This is a girl welcoming wild wobbly grace.
This is a girl finding her backbone.
This is a girl who has called herself Girl too long.
— my story, Sprout: Authenticity

Safe business practices would probably dictate that I wait to tell you until everything is in order. Wait until everything is sure. Wait until everything is polished and pretty and All Figured Out.

But you know me, friends. You know Sprout. You know how vital REALNESS is to me and to this mission and to this community. Being real is everything. Being real saves our perfectly-imperfect lives.

We are cracking open.

And in the new year, the new beginning, the new birth?

Sprout online magazine is becoming The Phoenix Soul.

I am guts and glory. I am seeking, seeking, seeking (finding finding finding). I am wild and free and bound and brittle. I am cracking open, caving in, letting go. I am light as feathers. Heavy as tar. Grace-washed. Love-dipped. Held. I am ache and laugh, scream and sing, doubt and dream. I am scarred and scared and sacred. I am Spirit-whispered. I am torn, tattered, and trying again . . .
— my story, Sprout: Authenticity

We rise, my friend, oh, we rise. From the ashes, the dust, the soot, the muck, the ache, the pain, the REAL of our lives. We honor every bit of our becoming, the sacred-between, the heartscream and the heartsing. And we rise. Our FEAR becomes our FIERCE. We are masters of reinvention. We are tough and tender, raw and real, grit and grace.

We are phoenix.

I'm on fire with joy and peace. I'm on fire with the fiercest, clearest, purest burning of my life. My heart is drum-drum-drumming. Will you burn with me, my friend?

I've promised I will always be real with you, and you are safe (and encouraged) to be real with me. So I will be revealing this becoming . . . AS it happens. Because every aching, singing moment matters. It's all beauty. It's all real.

It's all The Phoenix Soul.

And no worries, friend--the magazine is NOT disappearing, by any means--in fact, it will only be getting bigger, brighter, more clear than ever. Your subscriptions will continue as before (only better!). I'm so, so glad you are here. (And yes, Sprout: Gather will be releasing as planned on November 15! Our rebirth to The Phoenix Soul will happen as we go, hopefully with the January issue: a perfect time for new life.)

with deep love
& joyful burning,