New issue: GATHER

New issue: GATHER

Claim your trusted tribe.

Where do you belong? Who celebrates your {whole} self, with no reservations?  

Oh, beloved, we do: We are gatherers. Of soul and space. Of kindness and kin. Of rawness and real. Of grit and grace.

We welcome you, brave kindred. We welcome you, tenderhearted one. We welcome you, seeker of all things true. Come in. Come in.

Our understanding was like this, a deeper knowing, even when our surface views differed. We were family of the highest order, shifting space in homes and hearts for the bigness of each other, the wildness of personality meeting in the middle over shared love . . .
— Amanda Fall, my story
From the inside of broken community, it can feel like there’s nothing on the outside. That leaving is walking straight into isolation. [...] You find your community by being true to yourself. I spent too long lingering in places that didn’t fit . . .
— Anna Meade, Thrive interview

We ache, we sing, we unite as one. We Gather.

guests in this issue:

  • Anna Meade, Thrive interview

  • Teresa Robinson, Jacinta V. White, Maureen Helms Blake: Community Garden participants

  • regular contributors: michelle gd, Beth Morey, De Jackson, Natasha Reilly, Maureen Helms Blake, suzanne l. vinson, Julia Fehrenbacher

  • additional guests: Teresa Robinson, Jacinta V. White, Jessica Cory, Laurel Eshelman

Each of us contributed elements to form a cooperative, sacred whole. A creative circle of comfort and affirmation and inspiration, with no corners for expectations and shoulds—only rhythms of grace . . .
— Teresa Robinson, The Art Journaler Community Retreat

in every issue:

  • 60 full-color digital pages (PDF)

  • vibrant art, intimate interviews, revealing essays, gaspworthy poetry, soul-stirring prompts

  • handpainted pages, handwritten love notes

  • interactive features honoring our #thephoenixsoul gathering

  • Amanda Fall: editor, publisher, creator, chief gatherer of good

Oh, friend, step into your sanctuary of hope and healing. Let us be your companion, your kindred, your haven of vulnerable truth. We honor you. Come in. Come in.

I'm Amanda Fall: editor, creator, & publisher. I am chief gatherer of good. Sacred-seeker. Joy-finder. Heart-on-her-sleever.

Welcome. May you never feel unloved again. You are seen. You are heard. You are loved . . . just as you are.

Gathering : : in the endings & the beginnings

Gathering : : in the endings & the beginnings

we are cracking open : : Sprout online magazine's rebirth

we are cracking open : : Sprout online magazine's rebirth