consult your map of yes :: free printable poster

Kindred, what journey are you ready to embark upon? Whether you travel a literal landscape or the rich dreamscape of your soul, every step counts. Every brave decision to move forward in reckless hope . . . and/or to pause so you can collect yourself & course-correct . . . and/or to twirl on your heel to go back . . . these movements are all integral to your life-journey.

The path only you can travel.
The one you were born to take and make.

The trail you were called to blaze, with heart galloping in your chest & conviction burning in your heaving lungs.

“. . . She’s worn down now,
right to the soul.

But there’s still
a whole wide world
unfolded, a crinkled map
spread straight, true north
waiting . . .”
— De Jackson, "The Intricate Momentum of Hollow Bones," The Phoenix Soul: Journey

Friend, I pulled an excerpt from our current issue of The Phoenix Soul, Journey, and set it up as a printable poster for you. Encouragement on your journey. Phoenix-whispers of truth to carry in your pocket, like "a crinkled map," to help guide you + me + we.

seek signposts + consult your map of yes + keep true
— TPS: Journey

And remember,
dear fellow traveler in the wild way,
you are never { ever } alone.

with love & respect,
(TPS creator, editor,
& chief gatherer of good)

restored, renewed, revived

the view from here :: 3/29/15