The Phoenix Soul. We are raw & real. Grit & grace. We are truth-speakers, heart-on-our-sleevers, love-believers. You are. I am. We are The Phoenix Soul.

{ issue 41: JOURNEY }

Brave one, it's time to lace up our adventurer boots. Let's honor the sacred dust beneath our feet, the life-path that makes us fierce and true and tough and tender.

Seeker, we celebrate your pilgrim faith. We salute your trembling courage, your burning conviction. We are kindred travelers, called to the wild way.

I am a phoenix, risen out of the ashes of my own self-destruction, reborn and renewed not in spite of what I’ve gone through, but because of it . . .
— Elloa Atkinson, Truth Tribe interview

We move from intention to action, even/especially as our hearts gallop, as we meet fear with fierce love, as we dance over & around every roadblock that would confine us.

Fear not your holy unrest, the itch beneath your skin whispering “change is stirring,” the stumbling tumbling steps that teach you to dance . . .
— Amanda Fall

guests in this issue:

  • Elloa Atkinson, Truth Tribe interview

  • Phoebe Guider, Maureen Helms Blake, & Noelle Juday: Grit & Grace participants

  • regular contributors: Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, Beth Morey, Teresa Robinson

  • additional guests: Elloa Atkinson, Phoebe Guider, Noelle Juday, Parker Bauman

I was angry and wanted out of my new circumstances. I wanted to be miraculously transported back to days of less pain, less knowing, and less asking. Back to days of blissful certainty and belonging. Yet as often as I tried to numb the pain with the busyness of life and fought the discomfort of my new space, I couldn’t seem to get away from the duality of both hating the dark, and finally feeling alive in it . . .
— Noelle Juday, "The Divine is in Darkness"


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60 full-color digital pages (PDF)

vibrant art, intimate interviews, revealing essays, gaspworthy poetry, soul-stirring prompts

handpainted pages, handwritten love notes

interactive features honoring our #thephoenixsoul gathering

  • Amanda Fall: editor, publisher, creator, chief gatherer of good

Oh, phoenix soul, may you feel seen. Heard. Loved. Just as you are.

Join us in Journey:

Last summer I double-dog-dared myself to finally use a pot of turquoise hair dye that had been gathering dust on a shelf for years. [ ...] I had fun with the bright color, but the intention faded even before the last blue streaks washed from my silvery hair. The bright burst of joyous freedom was just a blip, an aberration—nothing lasting. Then, a few weeks ago, Grace beckoned me again...
— Maureen Helms Blake, Bitter & Beautiful column