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Life is full and sometimes fast. In our movements we sometimes miss the finer points; we sometimes miss windows of opportunity to be fully ourselves. There is the swirling steam from our morning cuppa. There is the light filtering through the curtain and dappling the wall opposite. There is our own mood. Did we catch it?
— michelle gd
A moment of holy surprise on our whirlwind road trip. Audacious sunlight pouring in the high-rise window, setting my soul aglow. A rush of pure pleasure. Grief will not win. Joy comes again and in the middle of our mess. This life is wild and sweet and aching and awful and full of startling grace. All at once. #griefstories #joystories
— my Instagram

It's so easy to miss these moments . . . whether we are caught up in the dust of daily life, or swallowed by grief, or consumed by any number of things that Must Be Done.

But these moments . . . they are droplets of grace, ready to revive and refresh us. And all we need to do is slow down long enough to pay attention. To acknowledge and honor.

My friend (and former The Phoenix Soul staff contributor) michelle gd is ready to help. Her upcoming e-course, Just Five Things, opens gentle space in our days to pause and reflect.

Tapping into our creative powers (because we are all creatives) (yes), we will slow our pace, take note, celebrate.
— michelle gd

Just five things.

The course begins Monday, June 22, and runs through July 1. I'm eager to join michelle and fellow participants in declaring: yes, this life deserves attention. Yes, I have time for beauty and gratitude and pause (and if I think I don't? Then how much more I truly need this practice).

Yes, living with intention makes all the difference.

michelle always brought a gentle yet powerful clarity to her TPS contributions; her images and poetry spotlighted small, simple moments in her everyday life where startling beauty waited to be discovered. I know she will be a kind and encouraging guide.

Will you join us, friends?

with love,

(PS: This isn't an affiliate link; I just wholeheartedly support michelle and her offering!)

morning meditation

morning meditation

we are grit & grace // The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY

we are grit & grace // The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY