we are grit & grace // The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY

we are grit & grace // The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY

Do you know how strong you are?

Phoenix, I see your never-give up determination. I see your fiery commitment to crafting the life of your dreams, the one that satisfies the heart of your heart, the soul of your soul.

I see you. Even if nobody else does. Even if you don't.

You are the new revolution. We are. We are the next generation of hope and healing in this world. We are gentle power. We are warriors of love.

I know you don't always feel strong. Me, either. Sometimes we feel as if we're falling apart at the seams. Sometimes the most we can do is hang on.

But in this community, we honor and allow our whole stories, even/especially when they include what we once called failure or shame or regret or giving up. We trust that every crash-and-burn leads to our next phoenix rising.

Our new release, The Phoenix Soul: Tenacity, is a tenderhearted gathering of our grit and our grace. A celebration of our startling strength.

Sometimes we don’t feel up to par. A natural reaction is to hide from those feels and/or to hide them from others. But I’m here to say “feel it, share it because others feel those ways too.” Connecting with Kindreds is not only about the silly, positive, fun but also the raw, vulnerability, & edges. We all have them. We all feel them. We all tend to think we are alone in them. @thephoenixsoul created by the lovely Amanda Fall has proven that more than once through collection he{art} speaks. By sharing stories, poetry, images from others she has created a safe place for herself, for me, & yeah . . . for you too. [...] Through the struggles & suffocations we always rise because we are Phoenix Souls.
— @whimsymoonspirit on Instagram

Join us in sixty boldly colorful, bravely vulnerable pages (instant PDF download), featuring empowering essays, intimate interviews, heartthumping poetry, luscious artwork, soul-stirring creative prompts, and more. 

You are the person who gets to decide how you live your life.
— Carly Mojica, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Tenacity

How will you live, phoenix? You've got this. And we've got you.

We love your rebel heart. Your misfit dreams. Your radiant phoenix soul.

Just as you are.

with respect & awe,
your fellow phoenix Amanda

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