21 Secrets free audio interview :: vulnerability is my superpower

Dear one,

have you ever doubted your worth? 
Felt ashamed of being different?
Ached to understand your purpose?

Me, too. Me, too. I spent many years trying to be anything but who I am.

But as you know, we phoenix souls are learning to specialize in vulnerability. We practice diving deep into our personal truth, striving to honor both our lament and our wild joy. The differences that make us sparkle. The quirks that are our superpowers.

I never dreamed that I would end up here, honoring instead of hiding the things about myself that used to make me cry. That I would realize deep pain can lead to deep joy. That healing can only happen when we embrace and love our WHOLE story, every stumbling step that leads us to where we are today.
— Amanda, 21 Secrets interview

If you've ever wondered how I journeyed from being a timid, hiding-her-light little girl to embracing my wild phoenix soul . . . now's your chance to cozy up and hear my story.

Even when it's hard (and I get so nervous my hands shake), I try now to befriend my vulnerability, because that's where truth resides. If my opening up can help you honor YOUR truth--if we can both travel from hurt to healing--then oh, kindred, every ache was worth it!

My hope for you, everyone listening, is that you, too, can begin to look at your own creative journey with tenderness. With acceptance. With love for every seeming misstep or mistake or bumble, and with love, too, for every triumph and victory, no matter how small they may seem . . . wherever you are in your own journey.
— Amanda, 21 Secrets interview

I am so honored to be interviewed by Connie Solera, host of the beloved 21 Secrets art journaling e-course and community. Working with her as I crafted my course for the current session of 21 Secrets (Keep True: The Compass of You) has been a life-altering experience. I tapped into my personal creative journey and shared what I've learned, in hopes that you will discover an intimate and healing creative practice of your own (or find ways to deepen and expand your already-existing practice).

Keep True is all about honoring your life's story, learning what sparks or smothers your spirit. As I say in this audio interview, I designed Keep True as a tool for "learning to LOVE our quirks and oddities and beautiful differences, and discovering how they can be a source of joy and power and healing, instead of something to hide and overcome."

Creativity has saved my life countless times, and I truly believe that it can save you, too . . . especially when we approach creative expression with a genuine desire to be present, to honor our truth, and to be willing to go where our path leads—no matter how different it seems, or how much self-doubt wants to take over. We are worthy. We are needed in this world, exactly as we are. The things that make us different are what give us power and compassion and depth. This is where we, as artists, heal ourselves—and we heal the world.
— Amanda, 21 Secrets interview

Phoenix soul, how has vulnerability been part of your creative journey? How about your life as a whole? I would love to hear your thoughts and to explore this subject more deeply with you.

And always, always:
You are so loved. Exactly as you are.

with such gratitude,

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