berry blast & why she did it

Sometimes #selfcaresoulcare looks like . . .

  • honoring your sleep cycles
  • preparing fresh, bright, nourishing foods
  • knowing when to say yes (and no)
  • moving your body (preferably outside)
  • drinking plenty of water (preferably with juicy hunks of lemon)
  • pressing pause to savor, relax, enjoy your one & only life
  • making time for creative expression or whatever lights you up

And sometimes #selfcaresoulcare looks like . . .

Berry Blast SPLAT hair color.

Yes, the kind I always feared (can you imagine how it feels as a socially anxious, deeply introverted, shy person--to walk into public looking like Rainbow Bright?).

Why did I do it?

Because sometimes I take life (way) too seriously.

Because I usually encourage others to express themselves with abandon, while I hide inside my own shell.

Because my prebirth nickname was Rainbow.

Because I may be shy and awkward and introverted and quiet in public, but inside I'm a flippin' badass unicorn.

That's why.

Show me your #selfcaresoulcare! (And yes, it can be more subtle than this. Buuut . . . I have heard whisperings of "I've always wanted to do that"--soooo, if you're one of those timid-but-brave souls . . . maybe now is the time?) Share your favorite self-care/soul-care boosts in the comments, or join in with our hashtag on IG (if you include a tag for #thephoenixsoul, your capture may appear in an upcoming issue).

love & flippin' unicorns,

Our current issue, Vitality, dares you to take radically good care of yourself. You deserve it, kindred. Let us tend to your tired places.

Phoenix, what makes you feel wildly alive? Let’s invite in all that is good & nourishing & true.
— The Phoenix Soul: Vitality

"your essence singing" // Truth Tribe interview: Stephanie Perkinson

stand where you are :: free printable artwork

stand where you are :: free printable artwork