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{ issue 43: VITALITY }

Come back to vibrant life.

Phoenix soul, you have struggled long enough. You were not born to slog through life. You didn't survive every Ache & rebirth simply to get by.

You were made to thrive, to feel wildly alive. Startlingly joyful. Radiant, nourished, whole.

You are worthy of care. May we tend to your tired phoenix soul?

What I thought was going to be all about my body turned into a total life transformation, culminating with me finding my self-worth again, connecting to the things that really did light me up.
— Stephanie Perkinson, Truth Tribe interview, The Phoenix Soul: Vitality


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The Phoenix Soul: Vitality

In life's endless hustle and bustle, it's easy to lose sight of what matters most. Are we living to maintain stuff, status, expectation? Or are we living for wild joy, for heartpounding love, passion and purpose, courage and connection?

Name & ask for what you need to grow.
— Teresa Robinson, Evolutions column, TPS: Vitality

guests in this issue:

  • Stephanie Perkinson, Truth Tribe interview

  • Rachel awes, De Jackson, & Bethany Paget: Grit & Grace participants

  • regular contributors: Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, Beth Morey, Teresa Robinson, Carissa Paige

  • additional guests: Stephanie Perkinson, Rachel awes, Luke Schamer, Dennis Trujillo, Bethany Paget

I am tired of feeling like a wrung-out sponge. My heart, my body, my home beg for renewal, for a deluge of grace instead of mere droplets. [...] I’m weary of the whys, no matter how valid (grief, doubt, a persistent lie of low self-worth—believing everyone else deserves care before I do). The whys don’t matter. Only this realization that I am smothering my own vitality . . .
— Amanda Fall, My Story
Confession: vitality hasn’t always come easy or naturally for me. [. . .] Shedding personal history has been the greatest and most challenging thing I chose every-single-second-of-every-single-day in order to honor my true callings, in order to claim my birthright in this-Skin-my-Soul-chose . . .
— Carissa Paige, "Lantern in the Dark," TPS: Vitality

Who / what / how / why . . . is spirit / god / the holy / divine / the universe / the earth / the soul / all our throbbing, sacred hearts TO ME? There is space for the answer, for many answers, for no answers. There is space for skinned knees and bloody palms and salt-streaked cheeks. There is space for me, and you, for all of us, here in this world that is liminal and immanent and soil-stained all at once in a way that makes our toes curl and our eyes brighten . . .
— Beth Morey, "Soul Shifting," TPS: Vitality

Come back to vibrant life with us in Vitality:

everything about {{this}} season restores me. along with that restoration, i’m experiencing a breaking, a shedding. i’m encountering those cells in my body that call out for care and nourishment. my desires are awakened . . .
— suzanne l. vinson, "tapping into the well within," TPS: Vitality