listen to the whispers // Truth Tribe interview: Carly Mojica

listen to the whispers // Truth Tribe interview: Carly Mojica

Who are you . . .
underneath it all?

Under layers of years. Of fears. Under others' expectations, limitations (even your own).

What tenacious spirit cries out,
begging for you to listen?

Friends, I was so excited to invite Carly Mojica to our beloved Truth Tribe interview. She and I have brushed virtual elbows for a while now (I bet you remember her evocative responses in some of our Facebook discussions), and when it came time for our Tenacity issue . . . I knew the answer was Carly.

She is tenacity in action. Her creative dreams were buried for years, calling for her attention. After leaving the corporate world in 2010 to become a stay-at-home mom, Carly's sense of self underwent transformation.

I didn’t realize at the time how much my identity had been wrapped up in my work. As a new mother I became consumed with learning how to care for a child and keeping up with day-to-day domestic life. My sense of self slowly faded away and I was left feeling like there wasn’t much of me beyond mother and wife. I woke up one day wondering, ‘Who am I?’
— Carly Mojica, Truth Tribe interview, Tenacity

That's when she discovered intuitive painting. Much more than a simple hobby, this creative and spiritual practice offered Carly room to breathe. Room to dream. Room to explore and expand her sense of self--including that as mother and wife, and beyond.

In the beginning it seemed selfish, like I was taking time away from my family. However, the more I painted the more I realized I was a much happier mother and wife when I filled my own cup first. Through the process of intuitive painting, I’ve learned to trust my gut. I’ve learned to listen to the whispers—on and off the canvas—and act on what I know to be true for me.
— Carly Mojica, Truth Tribe interview, Tenacity

Phoenix soul, what do you hear underneath it all?

What creative practice can you employ to discover and nourish your inner self?

Perhaps you're overwhelmed or don't know where/how to begin. How about five minutes of scribbling your thoughts in a journal? (You could try a prompt like: "I yearn for . . ." "I love . . ." "I'm afraid that . . .") Or perhaps you could spend five minutes swirling color on paper (as simple as bright markers or even crayons; let yourself be silly, spontaneous, playful. Do you long for the radiant yellow warmth of sunshine? Or the deep calming blue of ocean?). Let yourself out to play.

Read the rest of Carly's
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You've got this, phoenix . . . and we've got you. 

with love & respect,
(your fellow phoenix)

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