hidden magic // The Phoenix Soul: Serendipity

hidden magic // The Phoenix Soul: Serendipity

Phoenix, serendipity is only an ask away.

What if your everyday existence could be a playground for ordinary magic, startling connection, and gasps of grace?

What if you could become aware of the everyday sacred, in moments as small and simple as the swirling steam from your morning mug, a song on the radio whose lyrics goosebump you, an unexpected gift from your beloved?

Serendipitous delight is like a break in the clouds, a spot of blue that catches our attention and draws it back to grateful presence. And here, here is healing . . . in releasing our tight grasp on what we wish life would be, and discovering instead the surprising goodness already at our feet.

We are all magic, but the problem is we often fall out of touch with that part of ourselves.
— Cory Sipper, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Serendipity

I believe we can retrain ourselves to tune out fear and tune into faith. We can realign and rediscover a childlike sense of wonder in the world, becoming sacred-seekers and joy-keepers, noticing every little shiver and shimmer of serendipity that sparkles through our days.

Sometimes we forget to look. Or our vision is clouded by very-real distress: grief, anxiety, heartache, trauma. How can we see delight and divine coincidence in the midst of these dark clouds?
— letter to reader, TPS: Serendipity

I lost my own sense of magic in one of the hardest years of my life, from which I'm only now beginning to emerge back into (de)light and joy and gratitude.

It is possible to allow these tiny miracles to find us exactly where we are, even/especially if we are in the midst of feeling magic-less.

When I’m mesmerized by all the awful things that could happen, I slam shut the door of opportunity. In squinting with fear, jaw tight, fists clenched, shoulders hunched . . . I miss the divine delight of serendipity. The lightness and freedom. I’m ready to open my eyes wide and my heart wider. The more I look, the more I see.
— My Story, TPS: Serendipity

I'm starting to find my magic again. The more I look, listen, and pay attention . . . the more I find. The more finds me. Rumi says, What you seek is seeking you.

So, phoenix, what will you seek today?

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Let us help you find your magic.

We love your rebel heart. Your misfit dreams. Your radiant phoenix soul.

Just as you are.

with love & respect,
(creator & editor)

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