listen with your whole heart // Truth Tribe interview: Jen Lemen

listen with your whole heart // Truth Tribe interview: Jen Lemen

What does revolution look like?

When the second devastating earthquake hit Nepal earlier this year, Jen Lemen's boots were already on the ground. The earth literally shook beneath her feet, but that didn't stop her from being revolution in action. 

Co-founder of Hopeful World, Jen offers global perspective through personal, intimate connection. Whether she's rolling up her sleeves and providing practical aid (such as blankets, rice, and water) or dropping everything to listen intently to heartfelt stories, Jen is an agent of healing at home and abroad.

Although I've long followed Jen's inspiring movement, her live Facebook updates during Nepal's tragedies captured my attention like nothing else. When preparing for our Revolution issue, my dream choice was Jen Lemen. I'm thrilled and honored that she said yes.

Jen's unique blend of deep philosophy with practical, tangible action offers potent guidance for phoenix souls who want to walk their talk.

I asked Jen, How can TPS readers begin to practice outreach in their everyday lives?

Talk to strangers. Ask questions. Challenge your assumptions about what it means to be poor or rich. Make yourself emotionally available. Put yourself in situations with people who are very different than you are and then open your heart to the possibility that you are either very much the same or that you are the novice here with much to learn. Learn. Then throw away the idea that helping helps and practice hanging out with no other agenda other than to connect. Start with your kids. Your neighbors. That annoying person you see every day. Open your heart.
— Jen Lemen, TPS: Revolution

One theme that emerged in our Revolution issue, both in Jen's interview and throughout various offerings, was the importance of listening with heartfelt intention. With no agenda other than to stand witness, honor, and expand our understanding. To connect. 

photo credit: Jen Lemen

photo credit: Jen Lemen

All over the world, in our own neighborhoods just as much as in far flung places, people are living out incredible stories waiting to be heard and held by a gentle heart. I hope you will find those stories and ingest them like medicine and understand in the process that we need each other more than we realize, and that listening with your whole heart is a radical way to facilitate change.
— Jen Lemen, TPS: Revolution

What stories do you carry?

When have you been surprised or forever changed by listening with intention?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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Phoenix soul, your time for revolution is now. You are, we are the next generation of gentle power. Warriors of truth and love.

What are you waiting for?

with love & deep gratitude,

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