color your own Revolution :: Laurie Blackwell

This month we're exploring Revolution at The Phoenix Soul, asking:

What would happen if we allowed inner revelation to spark outer revolution?

What in our lives needs stirring up, shaking out?

What happens when we practice authentic listening, with no agenda other than genuine connection, expanding our understanding and compassion and humanity?


What anthem calls us to action, what drumbeat of now, now, now?

Laurie Blackwell, longtime supporter of The Phoenix Soul, has offered her unique interpretation of our themes in the past few issues (and pssst, she's coming back for Catharsis! Releasing 9/15/15). Somehow, she always sees right to the heart of our themes. Her illustrations are thoughtful and provoking, designed to encourage your own interactive experience.

 illustration & images by Laurie Blackwell

illustration & images by Laurie Blackwell

In our current issue, Revolution, Laurie offered her illustration as a free download, inviting readers (you!) to print and color their own version (see her colored-in example above). She also suggests cutting up the illustration into individual collage elements for use in art journaling.

Connect with Laurie:

Have you printed and colored your own Revolution? Show us on Instagram in our community pool #thephoenixsoul (your captures might appear in upcoming issues!).

with love,
your fellow Revolutionary phoenix soul