The Phoenix Soul: Journey

The Phoenix Soul: Journey

Dear one, do you have any idea how brave you are?

Yes, you. Yes, in your sometimes-timid stepping. Your daily never-giving-up. Your willingness to ask the hard questions, to un-know all you once held dear, because deeper Truth beats like a drum in your chest and you can't bear to ignore it anymore.

Yes, you, brave one. Seeker. Pilgrim. Soul-traveler.

We see you. We salute you.

Let us celebrate you. Let us honor you, our kindred walker of the wild way.

The Phoenix Soul: Journey is a love letter to you. To me. To we who choose our own (wild, free) adventure . . . because we can't imagine life any other way.

We've glimpsed life outside the cage of expectation and limitation--and oh, honey, we are never going back.

Kindred, I am so moved by this new issue . . . literally. Moved. I'm ready to lace up my adventurer boots and hit the trail, honoring a life-path that makes me tender and true. I'm breathing thanks for the sacred dust beneath my feet. I'm trusting that every stumbling, tumbling step teaches me how to dance.

And this issue? Oh, it's such a gentle yet fierce companion in the way: sixty pages of everyday courage. Bold colors. Vulnerable yet strong art, poetry, essays, interviews, creative prompts, and more. Every page is a celebration of where we have been . . . where we are . . . and where we will go.

. . . a whole wide world
unfolded, a crinkled map
spread straight, true north
waiting . . .”
— De Jackson, "The Intricate Momentum of Hollow Bones," TPS: Journey

Come with us, sweet seeker. Wanderer. Pilgrim.

Isn't the way so much gentler when you travel with trusted tribe?

You are always welcome here . . . and you are so, so loved. {Just as you are.}

-your fellow phoenix,
(creator, editor, publisher)

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