love wild // Truth Tribe interview: Kolleen Harrison

love wild // Truth Tribe interview: Kolleen Harrison

Phoenix souls, we've been on overload lately with world heartache and horror. How can we not be overwhelmed? What can we do?

Kolleen Harrison's mission of love and kindness feels more essential than ever. LOVEwild is dedicated to spreading "love, acceptance, inclusion, and kindness" in the world. Kolleen's soulful clothing and accessories remind us who we are: "love warrior, tender spirit, peace keeper, magic seeker."

When we know who are--down deep, to the soul--we can shine our lights more brightly in the world. We can be agents of change. Love in action. Peace in practice.

Kolleen is a longtime friend and supporter of The Phoenix Soul. Her "love posse" and our phoenix soul tribe are kindred spirits, connecting via our common desire to choose LOVE in everyday thoughts and actions.

I was thrilled to welcome Kolleen back into the pages of The Phoenix Soul magazine, this time more intimately as our latest Truth Tribe interviewee (UNITY issue).

As a tenderhearted mother and advocate, Kolleen donates part of LOVEwild proceeds in support of anti-bullying organizations. I asked how her beloved children have helped inspire this work. Here's part of her response: 

My children and husband inspire all that I do.

I am constantly preaching to them to ‘treat others as you would want to be treated,’ and I am passionate to end the cycle of bullying and the way in which our society tolerates it.

[...] I want to devote my time and resources to aid in the eradication of bullying within our schools, communities, workplaces, etc. I want to create a platform where we can discuss and share our stories surrounding this epidemic.
I want to talk about the healing power of love, the healing power of being heard, being seen.
— Kolleen Harrison, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: UNITY

Phoenix soul, have you experienced bullying in your own life? If you haven't been a victim directly, it's likely you've at least witnessed others in this awful situation.

Kolleen urges,

I truly believe when we share our stories, it not only aids in our own healing, but it will help others to heal as well.

[...] Speak up, stand up . . . you are NOT alone!

No matter how overwhelming darkness can seem in the world, we CAN choose to bring light. We can be love in action. Start small, simple, right in your own home and community. We have the power to begin a ripple effect of love and kindness.

Are you ready, phoenix?
Let's choose love today.

with respect & awe,

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