you are the hero // The Phoenix Soul: LEGACY

you are the hero // The Phoenix Soul: LEGACY

Phoenix, you are a living legacy. 

What story are you telling with your life? Is it a tale of triumph and tenacity? Heartache and healing?

Breath by breath, moment by moment, you are free to choose: how will you live? How will you love?

Many of us are weighed down by chains of the past. We drag with us legends told and retold; bloodlines both sour and sweet. Perhaps we feel we can never live up to examples of tremendous strength and courage. Or perhaps we ache to escape, to forge our own path when it feels as if our future were written before we took our first steps. But a liberating revelation awaits:

phoenix, you are the hero of your own life-story, starting today.

You are free to choose what wisdom to carry with you, what stories and talismans of truth to tuck in your pocket. And you are free, phoenix, to disentangle yourself, to break the chains of your past (or present), and begin anew. Here. Now.

Best of all? We, your fellow phoenix, are traveling parallel journeys. We are all living legacy, unfurling our stories one thought, word, and action at a time. You never have to walk alone.

we hold safe space for one another in these tender, mending moments. and we carry those moments in our pockets because we’re forever mending ourselves along the way. our stories are healing balm for one another, teaching us all the way to our toes that we are not alone.
— suzanne l. vinson, "Finding Glitter in the Cracks," TPS: Legacy

Join us, beloved, in The Phoenix Soul: LEGACY . . . a brave, vulnerable, strong gathering where we tell our stories true. Where we give voice to what matters most: lessons learned from trusted teachers (and even lessons learned from those who have betrayed and bruised us). And lessons forged in the flame of our own phoenix souls, the result of our dedication to wholehearted living. We are everyday heroes of purpose, passion, compassion.

60 digital pages bursting with color: art, poetry, essays, interviews, creative prompts, & more. 13 phoenix souls, spilling their stories true. And you.

Will you join us?

Let's raise our voices, together. Let's whisper our secrets and shout our joys. Let's believe that our stories matter, and that we are free to scribble, erase, scratch through, and rewrite until our phoenix souls sparkle with delight.

You are the hero.

love & awe,

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