let joy enter :: a blessing

May spontaneous delight
seek you out
like her lost child

and, in finding you,
wrap you in the sweetest bear hug
until you can't help
but soften,
your oh.so.serious self

to pure joy.

Skip rocks. Build a snowman. Smear great big swaths of cheap paint on paper (preferably with your fingers). Sing (out loud. Off key). Say yes. Say yes. Say yes. (Or say no to it all & tuck yourself under a fuzzy blanket with your favorite book and a cup of hot something.)

Remember: in this life you will ache. You will grieve.
But joy does not negate your tender care. 
You do not betray by allowing grace to ease.
The divine peace at your core
whispers: you never held the world,
even as your shoulders strain with effort.

Pause. Breathe. Be.
Let joy enter.

Beloved, you have carried your burden long enough: let it burn in Love’s pure fire. You are made for more than sorrow, doubt, & fear: lift your tired face to holy dawn. You are ready to rise, winged & true.
— from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

with deep love & insistent delight,

as you are

delicious paradoxes