as you are

Happy Valentine's Day, dear one.

Timid one. Brave one. Warrior of quiet bravery. Tender of the flame. Heart-on-your-sleever. Love-believer (despite all odds). Blue-sky-dreamer. Phoenix soul.

You. YOU. You are so loved . . .
exactly as you are.
The whole raging, singing,
aching, healing mess of you.

Here. Now.

You are so much more beautiful than you know.

I am sending you love, love, love.
Today. All days.

{Pass it on.}

with heart ablaze,
your fellow phoenix soul,

Tomorrow . . . The Phoenix Soul: VISION releases! After our sacred surrender in Ceremony, what do we invite into the holy hush? What intention will guide our coming days? How can we dream wildly, beyond all limits?

Envision your life as if you have never seen her before: fall utterly, madly, wildly in love with your possibility (yes, you, brave/timid one; yes, you, she who has held back for long enough) . . .
— The Phoenix Soul: VISON

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The Phoenix Soul: VISION

The Phoenix Soul: VISION

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