lifeboats, true comforts, & coloring pages

How are you, dear phoenix soul?

We're wrapping up COMFORT month here, and I hope true comfort has found you . . . in life's small, tender moments, and right when you need them most.

Although this time of year in the States can evoke coziness and cheer, it can also stir up heartache and struggle for some of us. Staff creative, Beth Morey, wrote about this in our Comfort issue:

 Beth Morey

Beth Morey

What if we built lifeboats for ourselves so that if the churning sea that is the holiday season proves to be too much we have a safe place to retreat to and ride out the storm?
— Beth Morey, "Lifeboats"

Beth suggests planning ahead, crafting an inspiring personalized list of "things that whisper warm comfort to you." (She loves "anything pumpkin (hello, autumn candles!), and the aroma of breads baking in the oven").  She urges us to create our own list of simple lifeboats, letting them be "a guide, a snuggly hug, and a safe space all in one for when life . . . feels like too much."

What's on your list, phoenix soul?

Think small and simple . . . easy to incorporate into your daily living.

Our Bitter & Beautiful columnist, Maureen Helms Blake, shares an excerpt from her Comfort offering (including a few of her own go-to "lifeboats"):


I'm thrilled that Laurie Blackwell will be joining our regular staff, continuing to offer the enchanting coloring pages that many of you have already fallen in love with and made your own.

See thoughts from TPS reader Jen Precourt, who invited her daughter to join her in coloring Comfort:



More comfort on this gray, rainy, not feeling too great day, a little one who is {still} sleeping; coloring comfort with my big girl. Quiet moments of creating & talking together about what brings us comfort. Thanks to the newest issue of #thephoenixsoul for this beautiful coloring page. The whole issue is full of images, words & prompts that have gotten me thinking about how I comfort myself, my family & how I view the idea of comfort. Lots to ponder & think about. If you are looking for some comfort of your own I recommend going to @thephoenixsoul, then go to and order yourself a copy of this month’s magazine & spend the afternoon curled up with a cup of tea, a favorite blanket and dive into comfort.
— @jenprecourt
Ah, comfort. That feeling we return to again and again while forging our way through life. It may be a person, a place, a sensory pleasure, a practice, a state of being - however you experience it, you will find an extra dose in this month’s issue of #thephoenixsoul
— @loneblackbird

Phoenix soul, how can you court comfort today? If you haven't read our warm and welcoming exploration of Comfort yet (through 60 vibrant pages, instant download), this weekend may be the perfect chance to catch up.

Sending you love,

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