love in action // The Phoenix Soul: UNITY

love in action // The Phoenix Soul: UNITY

What if we were love in action? Peace in practice?

Phoenix soul, there is so much heartache in the world today, on a global scale. Unspeakable suffering. But there is also deep love. Where will we throw our weight? How will we respond?

What if we choose love?

When we begin from a standpoint of kindness, compassion, and authenticity, our common threads cannot help but emerge. The heartbeat of our shared humanity. 

After creating and curating our new issue, UNITY, throughout the past month (and beyond), I am especially shaken by current events. The dichotomy between UNITY and the tragedy occurring across the globe is hard to comprehend. But oh, isn't this when we need love and compassion and connection more than ever? I'm so grateful for these life-affirming and healing pages.

rooting myself in the truths the tribe shares :: i am not alone. i am well loved. i am worthy of care and time together. we are made for each other, after all. [...]
we gather. we share. we tend. again. and again. we retreat and we show up. in the light, when the shadow is cast, and through the darkest dark. through it all, tending and tended, we are united in love.
— suzanne l. vinson, "on tending," TPS: UNITY

We shine our light. We tend our fires. We care for our own souls, so we can then turn outward and care for our kin (near and far) from a strong and renewable source. We love. We love. We love.

The Phoenix Soul: Unity offers 60 vibrant pages of art and heart. Gaspworthy poetry. Vulnerable essays. Intimate interviews. Soul-stirring prompts. All for only $6 (instant PDF, ad-free). We unite in love.

We all love, bleed, ache, dream, forgive, sing, laugh, yearn, shout, sigh, give up, try again, grieve, believe. We all want to be loved and understood. To be valued. As we are.
— Amanda Fall, "My Story," TPS: Unity

Phoenix, will you join us in Unity? Will you raise your voice with us in celebration of our common threads, our united front, our mission of hope and healing?

You are so welcome here,
in your forever flock.
Your soul-tribe.

with love & awe,
your fellow phoenix

UNITY // peek inside our new issue

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