Living Revolution: Lucy Pearce (guest author)

Living Revolution: Lucy Pearce (guest author)

What if you are the one you've been waiting for? We're exploring what it means to be BRAVE in our daily living at The Phoenix Soul. I'm honored to welcome fellow phoenix and acclaimed author Lucy Pearce today. Let's see bravery through her eyes. -Amanda


Living Revolution
by Lucy Pearce

We often fear that the Revolution needed is too big for what we can give.

Too much change is required inside, outside.

And we are too small.

But all that is required is that you step into the truth of your life.

And speak it, write it, paint it, dance it.

That you shine your light on your truth, for the world to see.

And as hundreds, then thousands, then millions do this –
each sparking the courage of yet more –

Suddenly we have a world alight with truth.

We are shifting ourselves.

We are shifting the world.

Dancing her into a new orbit.

We are filling in the space where our voices were silenced

Filling in the blanks where our images have been lacking.

We are weaving her-story into reality.

Unweaving the limiting his-stories.

Creating our-story.

Reaching beyond religion and patriarchy and capitalism and so-called democracy.

Into new ways of being and seeing.

We are the bridge between worlds

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Lucy H. Pearce is the author of five non-fiction books for women, including Burning Woman, an incendiary exploration of women and power; The Rainbow Way for creative mothers; and Moon Time, a creative guide to the menstrual cycle.

Founder of Womancraft Publishing – creating life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women. She blogs on creativity at

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